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Or How My Life Changed in an Instant

To say 2019 has not been my year would be a vast understatement. This blog is to chronicle my journey from happily married to blind-sided and broken to (hopefully) whole again. And all the in-betweens.

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Road to Recovery

Well it has been 11 days since Covid first reared it's ugly head. And I'm doing better. A few days in was my worst day. I couldn't get my fever down below 100, my throat felt like fiery razor blades, and every movement left me exhausted. The next day was better, throat hurt a little less and I mostly slept. In fact I would say I slept probably an average of 22 hours every day that I was sickest. I woke up Saturday feeling a little better. I had gotten a good night's sleep and

Quirky Pup and Other Things

This pup is weird y'all. He LOVES and I mean LOVES to eat sticks and leaves. Potty breaks are a challenge because he just wants to eat all the leaves and sticks. And an occasional rock. I don't even begin to know how to train this out of him. Drew said he will grow out of it, but I don't know. It makes him so happy. I have lost count of the number of sticks he has brought inside today. I'm still leaving my window open during the day so he can come and go as he pleases (note

EuroTrip Day Eight

Well today hasn’t gone exactly as planned. We started a little off schedule because Steve aka Jana overslept so we decided to head straight for the Hard Rock Cafe. Did you know the very first one opened in London in 1971? I didn’t. We arrived just after they opened which was perfect because it got busy pretty quickly. After we went to the gift shop and the girls toured the vault (I wasn’t feeling up to doing stairs). In fact, I wasn’t feeling up to much. I think my ankle has

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