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2024 Begins

It's a new year, so you know what that means...seasonal depression!

It pairs nicely with my unemployment depression.

I love the holidays and all the decorating and then it's back to boring old house after the new year.

9 months of blah.

To be fair, I do get over it eventually and once again will love my home but I've already warned Rob that as soon as all of the decor comes down I am going to hate everything.

Suddenly I hate all the wall colors. And the furniture. And don't get me started on the floors.

Actually I hate the floors 24/7 365.

I've also reminded him to pay little mind to my renovation ideas and that it is okay to say no to me. Also this is a conversation we will have every January for the rest of our lives, each time as if I have never said it before.

Because he needs to know.

I bet you're thinking that if I love the decorations so much, and I hate taking them down so much, why not leave them up if it brings me joy?

And if you are thinking that, you have a point. But my concern would be that leaving it all up would eventually make it white noise and I won't love it anymore.

It's a real plausibility.

So, I have begun the great un-decorating of 2024.

And I added some new decor this year so I need to re-evaluate my storage options and I thought this might be a great way to start the new year - with a blog series on organizing.

I start by taking down everything and piling it on the dining room table. At least all the little bits that are all over the house.

I made a good dent yesterday. I did the kitchen/breakfast nook, dining room, bar, mantle, and one bookcase/built in in the living room.

Actually as I look at the above photo I realize I did not remember to get the lights in the window or the garland on the chandelier.

This will be a common recurrence.

In fact, there is a 100% chance I will miss something only to notice it in February and it will mess up my entire organization.

Actually, let's make that a 90% chance. I'm going to try really hard this year to not forget anything.

So my first step is always to gather all the decor in one place. I try to not put anything away yet. Sometimes, I begin the sort at this stage by grouping like things together but since I was in a snarky mood yesterday and mad about having to take it all down (to be clear, no one is making me take it down, I am mad at myself,) I just piled it all together in probably a completely nonsensical way.

The exception to this rule is the trees. I leave them where they are and put the ornaments right into the storage containers. But that's probably the last thing I do.


I guess we will see.

Actually I did take the breakfast nook tree and move it to the dining room but it is only a 4 foot tree and easily moved in one piece.

At least for now, part one is gathering all the bits of decor and putting it in one central location.

Stay tuned for what's next...

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