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Almost Made It

Originally published on Facebook on 04/26/2019

At the beginning of the month, I asked April to be kind. And while it hasn’t exactly been pleasant (sold my dream home and just general drama) there hasn’t been anything terribly unexpected or awful as the rest of the year. And while today’s news doesn’t rank nearly as high as ALL THE OTHER SHIT that has happened, none the’s not good news.

This time it is skin cancer. Not entirely unexpected - I go to the dermatologist every 6 months for a reason - but it still sucks and it still costs money. That tiny bit of savings I have been clinging to is dwindling fast.

I’m not really concerned about it. I have to find a doctor locally because I can’t make another trip down to Austin right now - I can’t afford the time off work. And that sucks. I really love Dr. Hartmann and I didn’t want to stop seeing him. He’s been the best dermatologist I have ever had and if you are in the Cedar Park area and looking for a good one - I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I love the sun and I wear SPF every day but sometimes the damage is already done. Early detection is key. So if you are reading this it must be because I love you, so please wear sunscreen and please get yourself checked.

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