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Another Door Opens

We did it! We officially closed on our new house. And through an incredibly random happenstance, we closed exactly 5 years since I closed on what I had *thought* was my forever home.

Which sort of brings up some weird feelings. I mean, first and foremost - obviously - I am well aware of how incredibly lucky I have been (and continue to be). Please don't ever think I have forgotten that.

But you have to admit that its a little surreal, right?

I still remember how excited I was about that house. I remember the blank canvas that it was and how much fun I had planning the decor of each room. I loved every inch of that house.

God. I still dream about those floors.

Which has created some challenges for me in decorating this one. I don't want it to be a carbon copy. Because even though I know I lovingly chose everything in that home, I did do every bit with Daniel's consent. It was designed by us for us. So even though it was perfect, I can't just take it and completely move it to this new house.

That isn't fair to Rob.

I don't want him to think I am constantly comparing this house to that one. They are very different even if I do come up with similar color schemes.

But I'm also working very hard to incorporate his preferences in the design of this home. And part of what makes that SO DIFFICULT is his insistence that he doesn't have a "style" while simultaneously preferring decor and colors that are clearly defined.

Think light colors and traditional or even antique (like early 1900's) furnishings.

And in case we haven't met, I prefer bold colors and a MCM to industrial kind of vibe.

They don't mesh well.

I have the carpet chosen and a general direction for most of the paint colors. But I'm not going to lie to you, I'm compromising a lot.

And that's fine. I know I said I would be a decortator and I will definitely have final say on everything, but it is important to me that he feels like this is his home too.

Which sadly for me, means I don't get everything I want.

I know. Woe is me. Poor Suzanne is getting her crack at a FOURTH dream house and she has to listen to someone else's thoughts and feelings. Oh the injustice of it all!

I'm such a spoiled brat.

I'll get over it, trust me. And it won't even hurt. I'll bitch and moan for a minute or two and then I will remember how incredibly lucky I am and I will move on.

My current struggle is painting the front door. I'm fairly certain it was literally the first thing I said when we walked up to the house "I'd want to paint the door".

And it is a gorgeous door. I get it. But I need a pop of color on the front of my house. And it is a MCM door - it is begging for a vibrant MCM color.

Our door as is vs the color I want to paint it. Can't anyone see my vision? #PopOfColor

But now Magan is against it. And Rob doesn't like the idea of painting it. And even Xander is on the leave it be side.

I just want my apple green door. I could probably go a nice vibrant turquoise instead but there's a house a few doors down with a turquoise door and I don't want to be a copycat!

I can't shake the feeling that this is a battle I won't win.

Stay tuned.

I'm also struggling a little with the bedroom. I found a bed and we both love it. One decision down, 42 to go.

We are going for an Art Deco/ Hollywood Regency vibe - it's my favorite for a bedroom. But I cannot settle on a new comforter. I spent literal hours today combing websites looking for just the right one. I even found several strong contenders.

I sent him 5 - FIVE - strong choices today. And he vetoed them all.

He came back later and chose two of those but with an undertone of if I have to pick then I guess these. And I'm sure he will read this and say "whatever you pick is fine with me hon, I'm sure I'll love it".

He'll probably even mean it.

But the struggle is real.

The house is fantastic but definitely needs a fresh coat of paint all over. And that's not just because it's not my preferred color scheme. It just needs an over all boost. And I'll be painting as many of the rooms as I can myself but I definitely need some assistance with some of the higher ceilings around.

First world problems, huh?

At least I finally have some house projects to do.

So um, if anyone wants to come over and help me paint a room or six, let me know. I'm probably going to be spending the next few weeks doing it. And if we get too hot, we can always jump in the pool.

My main to do list this week is to talk to electricians and handy men (or women) and painters for any of the projects I can't do myself. Plus carpet and kitchen countertops and backsplash.

I cannot wait for you to see the finished projects!

There are some longer term projects that we have on the agenda but they are more on the 5 year plan. Paint and floors are the immediate priority just because they get more cumbersome once furniture is moved in.

Oh - speaking of moving in, any volunteers to help us move?

Just kidding - we already decided to hire movers for the heavy lifting. It's too hot. Even if there is a pool to jump into.

I hope none of this came across as too whiny. I'm VERY excited about all of the projects...I'm looking forward to putting my own stamp on this house and really making it ours.

And I know I can speak for Rob when I say that once we get done quarantining, we will be hosting lots of dinner parties and game nights and movie nights and pool parties...and any other reason we can think of for guests.

We miss you all. I wish we could just wear our masks, stay inside for a few weeks, and be healthy on the other side. I'm doing my part at least.

OK - it's getting late and I have boxes to pack. And sleep is needed. It's going to really get busy for the next few weeks so you might not hear much from me. But you are always in my thoughts.

Goodnight friends. Stay healthy and stay safe please.

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