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August Recap

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

I just opened this to start blogging again and realized I never published this post because I meant to add a photo. So here's a photo and an old post...stay tuned for more updates!


With some of my very favorite people #bridaltea

It's been just over a month since my last post - there's a lot to catch up on. And while there will be some talk about the wedding, it isn't all this is about.

I don't know about you, but it's been a pretty busy summer over here at #ParadiseHeld. I don't think we've been to a single doggie day at the Pub all summer - which bums all 3 of us. But between things to do for the wedding and hot pavement, it just didn't seem like there was time for it. I know Mister Manfred misses all his friends as much as we do.

Luckily we have had a few #SundayFundays with some of Mister Manfred's pals. He gets SO EXCITED when a doggie pal comes over! I really kind of want to get him a playmate but maybe I should just make him one from all of the FUR all over the house.

Seriously. How can he lose so much fur and not be bald?

He's going to get groomed for the first time on Thursday and I'm trying the deFURminator. I hope that helps.

I'm so excited about going to Maine and the wedding - and then the honeymoon obviously - but I'm worried about poor Manfred while we are gone. We have hired a house sitter to take care of him and the cats while we are gone, and she's a friend of a friend, but she's still a virtual stranger to us. I just hope it goes well.

There are so many moving parts with a destination wedding that you might not think about at first, and one of them is who will take care of our pets and home while we are away? We didn't want to just board him because he is so used to having people around the thought of him being in a cage overnight just made me too sad. Plus we would still need someone to take care of the cats.

Luckily our friend Elliott had a pet/house sitter he recommended...except she was not available. But she has a back up and we are set. Here's hoping it all goes well.


Raise your hand if you do a thorough cleaning before leaving for vacation.

We used to have a cleaning service come in once a month to do the heavy cleaning. Yes I am aware it is just two of us. But we could afford it and frankly neither one of us ever wanted to do the icky stuff. But since we both took pay cuts this year, this is a service we had to drop for a bit. But they are coming on Thursday to do a really heavy duty deep cleaning and I am so excited! Does that make me weird?

If you can afford to hire a cleaning service I highly recommend it. But Suzanne, no one will clean my house as well as I do! Bullshit. First, you are hiring professionals. Your house is NEVER as clean as they will get it. And second, if you can afford it, why spend your time doing something mundane like cleaning when you could be relaxing? I don't believe I know a single person that thinks there are enough hours in the day to get everything done. So why waste it on cleaning?

I love cleaning day. At least when I'm not the one doing it.


You wanna hear something else weird that I get excited about? We recently had all our trees trimmed! OMgoodness you can actually see the house now. They were a little overzealous trimming my neighbors tree in the back but now the the tanning ledge can actually be used for tanning.

And that's not all! Our flowerbeds have been a disaster since they tore it all up for the plumbing and we finally got those fixed too! It all looks so fresh and clean now.

But wait - there's more! We also had Jellyfish Lighting installed on the house and it is so fun! For those that don't know, when Rob lost his job in January he decided to get out of telecom and now he sells Jellyfish Lighting. He's been killing it - hitting or exceeding his goals which is wonderful. He's doing so well that we decided to go ahead and add to the house (honestly it wasn't a tough sell for me, I've wanted them for years).

So what is Jellyfish Lighting? It's essentially permanently installed completely programmable Christmas lights for your house. Except you aren't limited to only using them on the holidays - they can be used for accent lighting or security lighting too. And you never have to get up on a ladder to put up or take down lights ever again.

And did I mention they are practically invisible during the day? Because they are!

If anyone is interested, please reach out to Rob and let him do the sales pitch. Or keep an eye on my instagram because now that the trees are trimmed and the flowerbeds look nice, I'll be posting pics on the regular.


My job has been going great as well. I really love the team I work with. I feel valued and appreciated. I still wish it paid more but we are getting by. (Though JB if you happen to be reading this, I'd still love a raise.)

Seriously though. The workload has been pretty steady but it has slowed down a bit this last month. Which has been not a terrible thing as it has afforded some flexibility in getting caught up on my medical appointments. As well as tweaking wedding details.


Speaking of medical appointments, this is yet another reminder to please wear sunscreen. I love the sun probably more than most people I know. I really love being outside by or in the pool or on the beach (luckily I finally found a man that does too). Or driving around with the top down (I cannot wait to get a new convertible - so much so that I'm even considering buying used once we have the wedding paid off).

I recently went to the dermatologist and had to have 6 spots biopsied. Just what every bride wants to do before her wedding. I may be vain, but my health comes first and I did not hesitate to have those done. #noregrets

I also talked to my doctor - not the dermatologist - about my frustrations with trying to lose weight and he actually listened to me! I explained about my noom journey and how I did everything I was supposed to and I lost 20 pounds in two months and then nothing for the remaining 7. So we discussed some plans and options and decided to try Mounjaro. Its an appetite suppressant which I really didn't think was what I needed but he was convinced and I can't argue the results. I've been on it for a month and I've lost 20 pounds (though very little in the pesky tummy area). It's encouraging - I look forward to seeing how much further I can go.

I try to embrace myself as I am and certainly some days are better than others. But the main reason I want to lose weight is to be healthier. See I kinda love this guy and I want to be around to bug him for a long time. I know he accepts me as I am and I love him even more for that. But I'm hoping to get at least 30 years with him. And if I'm going to do that, I need to be healthier.


This past Sunday I had a bridal tea at Edith's French Bistro in Plano. It was sort of a combination bachelorette/wedding sprinkle except I didn't want any gifts. NOT that I am not grateful for them! They just were not anticipated. I really just wanted an excuse to look pretty, wear a fancy hat, and drink tea with my friends. #missionaccomplished

You should go for high tea sometime (reservations required) and if you need company, I'm always available. It was really fun seeing my friends and we all dressed up and Magan even bought fascinators for everyone. I love that all my ladies were good sports and wore their fascinators.


And finally, here's some wedding talk.

We ended up at 56 for the wedding - including us - which is just about the perfect number to fit under the smaller tent space we have. I was able to cut out 2 tables by adding chairs to the ends of a few tables which is good because I guess the tables I chose take up more room than anticipated because it's cozy.

Our minimum for catering is 60 so it's pretty close. I was able to reduce the vendor meals since I have 4 extra full price meals so less waste! We are of course sad about those that can't make it but I think it is going to all work out in the end.

My co-workers have requested that we livestream the wedding so we might do that if anyone else is interested.

I'm pretty much done with everything I can do before I leave. There are some things I have to wait and do there and I am woefully behind schedule (I had wanted to be done with everything by August 1st just so I could relax for the last month.). LOL

I'll relax in Aruba.


So we leave for Maine on Saturday. Julia and Chrissy arrive Saturday as well with Jana coming in on Tuesday. I can't wait to see everyone and show them Maine. I'm so grateful my German daughters are all able to attend. How lucky can I get?

The kids get back on the 10th - and Jana is staying here for a week which the boys are super excited about. Then we come back briefly on the 12th for like a day and a half - basically enough time to do laundry and repack - then it is off for 8 wonderful days in Aruba!

Tomorrow is my last day at work. I'm taking Thursday and Friday for last minute errands like getting my hair done. Oh my gosh does my hair need done. It's funny because I've been getting compliments on it but I'm over this look. It's been great being in the pool all summer with the freedom of not caring about getting my hair wet but that's the only time I like it. And it's actually so long at the moment that I had to go buy a hairband the other day! I'm also reminded that my hair is SO STRAIGHT that wearing it longer is not the look for me.

Like I considered maybe getting a perm if I wanted to leave it long. Which is dumb because historically I have terrible luck with perms. Do they even still do perms? So it will be back to a pixie cut on Thursday but I'm hoping to keep it a little longer in the back so I don't have to shave my neck all the time.

I have so much hair. It's deceptive. Literally every person ever cutting my hair (or coloring it) for the first time has commented on how much hair I have. They never mix enough bleach or color the first time and it always surprises them.

I just laugh.

So that's the update. Next time you "see" me there will likely be an obnoxious amount of wedding photos. I would expect there to be multiple wedding/honeymoon photo posts. I am so excited about our photographer I cannot wait to see how everything turns out!

I hope everyone is doing well. See you soon!

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