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B.A.P. *

*Boyfriend Appreciation Post

Go ahead. Roll your eyes. Skip this post if you want. I get it.

I was just thinking about this weekend…. more on that later…and I was struck by how lucky I am to have found Rob. And not just in the context of how he isn’t Daniel.

Because I know I have done that a lot. And I’ve talked about trying to stop it. My point is, Rob is a great guy all on his own. I don’t need to compare him to Daniel’s short comings to prove it. To myself or anyone else.

So bear with me. This might get a little too mushy for some of you. I just think I need to take a moment and acknowledge what a fantastic boyfriend I have.

Obviously, Rob is smart and well-spoken. Some of you have sent me messages or commented on his comments to my posts before. So you already knew that.

He’s also funny. He has an irreverent sense of humor that works well with mine.

He’s patient. Clearly. He’s been dating me for 6 months. But I mean, he really is. He has never once made me feel pressured to say or do anything. He’s been all in since the beginning and patiently waited for me to catch up.

He loves cats…I’m not 100% sure of his stance on dogs. But Spike loved him and he loved Spike. I will never forget him meeting me at the vet that awful day. He was so kind and supportive and loving through all of that.

He’s generous. He is the type of person that would do anything for his friends.

He’s a loving father. He’s working to repair his relationship with his son – it was strained for a few years, but that is not my story to tell. But they both clearly love each other and enjoy each other’s company. And I think that speaks volumes.

You know what else speaks volumes? How his friends talk about him. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they have never seen him happier than these last few months.

Now I also realize we are still in the honeymoon phase of our relationship. But he is happy doing whatever I want to do. He’s up for anything. He will run errands with me. He will help me clean the apartment. He will set the table.

Y’all. He even folded the napkins.

I had a dinner party this weekend. So I had a few last minute completely unnecessary but vitally important errands to run (I *needed* flowers and wine glasses) and because people were coming over that had never been here before, I had to scrub down my entire apartment.

I am aware of my insanity.

But he ran those errands with me.

And he vacuumed the carpet. In the two rooms no one would go in. And he never questioned my sanity.

And he peeled potatoes.

And when I asked him to iron my linen napkins, he only asked where the ironing board was.

Spoiler alert: I don’t have one. Which he might have guessed since I needed to borrow his iron.

And when they were all done, I half-jokingly said he should fold them all fancy like.


Look at how gorgeous that table looks. And it was all Rob. OK I did the flowers but the rest was him.

Meanwhile, I’m running around frantically dusting picture frames and insides of cabinets.

And trying out my new Russian cake decorating tips which could have been a nerve-wracking disaster but was actually pretty easy and turned out great.

I said, I am aware of my insanity.

And Lori and Todd and Magan and Darrel came over and we had a delicious meal – pot roast with carrots, mashed potatoes, and green beans with a mustard sauce. And great conversation. And then we played Code Names which is always fun.

I think it was a pretty successful dinner party. I’m already thinking about what to do for February. And since Chase gave me a Harry Potter cookbook for Christmas, I definitely see a Harry Potter themed dinner party in my future.

I know I live in Southern Canada, but if anyone wants to come to one of my dinner parties please let me know. I can guarantee dessert will be delicious.

But anyway, back to my point.

Rob is great. He is kind and thoughtful and generous. He thinks I’m smart and funny and pretty and sexy. And he makes me believe it too which is pretty fucking magical.

He isn’t without flaws – but lord knows, I’m not either. But so far, I can accept them.

So yeah. 2020 is starting out pretty darn good for me. Fingers crossed we keep that momentum going, huh?

I’m a pretty lucky girl.

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1 commentaire

Robert Held
Robert Held
27 janv. 2020

All I can say is... I am the lucky one.

Maybe I have my own level of insanity, which I'm sure is the case. Whether we're out and about on a bus tour viewing the magical Christmas lights of Dallas or the mundane running of errands, I feel that one should enjoy any activity if it includes spending time with those who mean the most to you. And you certainly qualify as one of the MOST important people in my life. Running errands can be a fun little adventure, almost as fun as taking a tour of Clyde Barrow's grave, or planning a getwaway to Dominican Republic. It is what you make it. So bring on the errands! Bring on…

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