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Bedroom Update Part II - After

This is not a sponsored post, I sourced and paid for all items out of pocket - but if you like what you see and use one of my links, I may receive some financial compensation. Also this is going to be a multi-part series.

It started with wallpaper.

For the record, when I started my search I was looking for something that would look good with my recently purchased comforter shown in the before post. But it was such a bold, graphic, colorful print finding a wallpaper that would work with it proved difficult.

So I switched to looking for kitchen wallpaper for my display area. I found one I loved - that's another post - but then I fell in love with this one for our bedroom.

Please click the link so you can really see the detail!

At first I was fantasy shopping, creating a list of how I would someday makeover our bedroom when I had a proper budget.

LOL. Fool.

I knew this paper would play off the existing color on our wall but would not work with the current comforter. And at this point, I'm still playing.

But before you know it, I start doing Suzanne math and I think I can update the bedroom for $500. And because that is a lot of money, I asked Rob if he was okay with me spending that on our bedroom since I am literally constantly telling him we can't spend money until we pay off the wedding/honeymoon (also now you understand the commercially posts more don't you?).

And because it is Rob and he loves me and never tells me no, even when he probably thing I know I was buying stuff. I'll explain more but first I think you need to see it. You've waited long enough. ;)

Ta da! Isn't it gorgeous?

Confession: the original intent was to only wallpaper the wall behind the bed, but the full thing. You know, a really bold statement wall. But then I loved the wallpaper so much I thought why not add it to the wall behind my desk? And if I'm going to do that, I may as well add the connecting wall.

Obviously that isn't what happened. Here's why.

I brilliantly decided to do the wall behind my desk first. It's the smallest of the intended walls so I figured if it didn't work, no harm, no foul. Right?

Also I thought we could do it all in one day. Bwahahahahaha.

And it's removable wallpaper specifically marketed as great for renters so I thought I should be able to just slap it right up there. Easy peasy.

I grossly overestimate my own capabilities. Also I have a bad habit of not really do the required prep I didn't even wipe down the wall.

Here's where I need to take a moment to thank Elliot because I'd probably be crying in a corner right now if he hadn't helped. He had never wallpapered before but like me, I think he thought how hard can it be?

The answer is - not hard exactly, but it isn't really easy either. Especially with a pattern like this that you need to match up when you start a new strip.

Quick review of the wallpaper: it is GORGEOUS and exactly as pictured. It's a much better quality than you might expect for the price - I think it's a very good value. But the print isn't necessarily straight and it might drive you insane trying to match it up - so choose your pattern carefully. It is however very easy to reposition over and over until you get it right. I 100% recommend.

BUT if you are going to do it, I offer these suggestions: lightly sand any textured walls. I don't think it needs to be super flat - though that may help - but you definitely want to knock the points down. Then wipe down the wall with rubbing alcohol. I used a microfiber cloth I already had and grabbed the bottle from my medicine cabinet. Vacuum the wall - either before or after the alcohol (I did after) but it will help. Invest in a wallpaper hanging kit. This one was less than $6 and made a HUGE difference. Work in small sections, smoothing as you go. And once done, wave a hot hair dryer over it a few times to really activate the glue (use a waving motion, don't hold it over anyone spot, a good 6" - 12" from the wall).

Our first try didn't last 4 days. However once we went back and redid it, it's been up ever since (over a week so far).

After the initial failure I began to rethink my design. I decided the only full wall would be the one in my office space, and we would do paneled sections on the other 2 walls. I thought it would be easier. LOL

But before I go into more details on that, let's talk about the rest of this part of the room.

After talking it over with Rob, we decided the ceiling fan would be of better use in the guest room. We never use it - I can't sleep with the ceiling fan on because it makes my nose stuffy. And my original intent was to just switch that light fixture out with the fan. But it's grey and silver/white and that isn't the right vibe so I found this gorgeous creature and had to have it.

I didn't even ask Rob this time. It was only $90 and Rob loves it too (phew, that was lucky). However, I recommend buying these dimmable bulbs for it. It doesn't come with bulbs so you have to buy them anyway, but once it is all together it is really bright. The first ones I bought were not dimmable - you will definitely want to dim them.

I already had these I had purchased but hadn't used elsewhere and I've put in a dimmer switch before, so why not? But do they count toward the budget since I already had them? It was $53 for a box of three, and we used two, so if we count it, that's $35ish.

I did not do the dimmer switch though - Elliot did. Also he and Rob removed the ceiling fan and installed the new chandelier. Thanks guys!

There's a touch of pink in the wallpaper so I decided we had to have pink velvet curtains. I chose these blackout ones in blush (95") and they are $26 a panel. A PANEL.

Remember when I said I grossly underestimate cost...this was a contributing factor. I had looked at room darkening velvet curtains that were sold in pairs but Rob wanted black out curtains, and the windows are right by his face, so I bought these but didn't realize these were singles. I have 3 small windows and one double in my room which meant I needed 8 panels. So that's $208.

I also decided to replace the curtain rods ($46) so I could properly add these gorgeous sheers I found - and I will reuse the old curtain rods in the guest room which I've been needing to replace. Sheers were $27 a pair and I bought 3 pairs - I have one panel left over for maybe a tablescape some day. And Rob likes the look of tied back curtains rather than how I have them by my desk, so I bought these (2 pair) for $14 and they work great.

The final touch here is this new comforter set I got for a steal for $46 - king size too! It hangs great, is very soft but a little more velour than velvet (fair given the price) and couldn't be a better match for the curtains. I might try to upgrade in the future but given this is my second comforter set this year, and it's only March, I'm very happy with it.

Mister Manfred had to get in on the fun. He's glad the chaos is over.

Here's another angle so you can see how we did these panels. I don't remember the individual costs for the wood, but I already had the paint (it's the paint for the ceiling so it is actually a half tone lighter than the walls). Also I don't have a miter saw and Home Depot doesn't do angle cuts so I bought the corner squares. Let's call it $100.

This part was not as easy as I thought it would be. I partly decided to do this because I thought if the wallpaper wasn't going to stick then the wood would at least keep it up. Also we made a design decision to cantilever the panel above the bed and center it on the wall between the window and the corner. I know it won't be for everyone (looking at you Magan), but I really love it.

And finally, my office space. Curtains and sheers to match the other side of the room, using the existing curtain rods because I leave these like this all the time. And the wallpaper that didn't stick to the wall the first time? That's what I used to wallpaper my cabinet and I love it! I can't say no waste but it was an entire roll of paper that I was able to use instead of throw away. I also replaced my old fabric storage boxes with these cute little suitcases - the other boxes are moving to the top shelf of my closet. It was mostly mementos and wedding stuff so I don't need easy access to them on a daily basis anyway and what I do need fits in the suitcases. In fact the smallest one is empty right now. It was $30 for all 3.

One more angle from the photo wall because I wanted to show off the frame I gold leafed.

The gold leaf frame was left over from the wedding and I bought this kit to do it for $20 and these gloves ($9 for 8 pairs). I was able to do two 11"x14" frames and most of a 27"x40" with the kit. It was really easy too!

In case you missed my previous instagram post, here's before, during and after.

So I bought six rolls of the wallpaper at $36 each - I technically haven't used all of it yet but I'm probably going to use it on my dresser in some way so I'm counting all of it. My total so far is $925 and I spent a little on new knobs for the dressers so my total is probably going to hit right at $1000. Or twice my original estimate. Still I think it was worth every penny and I love how it has turned out. Hopefully Rob does too.

I'll update you when I've completed the dressers because I think it is going to make a huge impact. I'm not really sure what the technical style of the room is now but I'm going for whimsical elegance and I think I #nailedit.

So...what do you think?

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