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Challenge Accepted

Quick update from the weekend.

So last Thursday I went to dinner with my brother-in-divorce and then we hung out at the Pub for a while. Over the course of the evening we discussed my online dating profiles...why am I not getting better results? So he reviewed my Hinge profile and said it looked good - but I need better pictures. And he offered to come over and help me tweak it. Soon I hope. I tried to get on my chemistry profile while there but I couldn't for some reason. So I told him about it and how one of the things I have on my profile is that I like to bake and that specifically I make the best Carrot Cake you have ever had.

And of course there were doubters. Look. I am not confident about a lot of things but the ONE THING I know is that I bake the BEST Carrot Cake you have ever had. My cake balls are good. I make some pretty damn good cookies. And my German Chocolate cake is fantastic. But the only thing I am willing to say is the best ever, is my Carrot Cake.

And because I love to bake it but don't want to eat it all by myself, I offered to make some cupcakes for a pool party/gathering on Saturday. I know - it's an odd thing to bring to a pool party. But my reputation was on the line people!

100% from scratch. I grate the carrots myself and everything. Also isn't my mixer pretty?

So I spent my Friday night baking. And with the exception of one person - looking at you Drew - every one universally admitted it was in fact the best Carrot Cake they ever had. Drew did say he liked it though and the frosting was top notch so I'm still calling it a win. Also it was nice to meet so many people that actually like Carrot Cake. Because some weirdos don't - looking at you Magan.

Anyway, I'm not sharing my recipe so don't ask. But if you ask really nicely, I might bake you a cake sometime.

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