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Chaos All Around

Rob and I moved into our beautiful new house over the weekend. It was a fun race with both our movers here at the same time. I gave up pretty early and just directed them to put boxes in the movie room (a decision I mildly regretted later).

Anyone that knows me, knows I had to paint the inside. I can't stand boring walls (no offense if that's your thing, it just isn't mine). My original plan was to hire someone for the living room and kitchen because of the high ceilings and beams. Then I would do the rest, one weekend at a time.

I like projects. And it has been a hot minute since I've had the ability to do any.

But just for fun, we got a couple of quotes on having everything done. I can do walls and trim no problem, but the ceilings needed a fresh coat...and there are so many built ins.

To be clear - we LOVE the built-ins. But painting all of them? UGH.

Anyway, first couple of quotes for everything was a wee bit out of budget.

I mean a WEE bit.

So I contacted my friend Tommy (he painted both of my houses in Austin) to see if he had any local contacts for me and he offered to come and paint my entire house for about half what my other quote was!

Did you read that? Every surface (and I do mean every surface...with a small exception but more on that later).

Rob and I talked about it and I made it clear that I was willing to put in the sweat equity and paint most of the house myself over time. That I didn't *need* it to all be done immediately.

And for the record, he was too. Which he doesn't think is a big deal, but I do. I've never had someone willing to do home improvement projects with me. It's always been more of a “if you want to do it then go for it but I'm not helping” sort of vibe.

Hell. Both my exes seem to have taken it as a personal affront whenever I wanted to do a project (more on that later too).

So, we decided to take Tommy up on his offer. He and his crew arrived Monday morning and have been diligently working to essentially paint every paintable surface in this house. Which means the fumes have been fantastic.

The only exceptions have been the guest room and the laundry room. I painted the laundry room last Friday while the new carpet was being installed - Tommy and his crew will paint the cabinets and trim for me.

The guest room was formerly a toddler's room and has a lovely mural that I just could not bring myself to paint over. Rob and I painted the non-muraled (that doesn't appear to be a real word, but it is now) walls last week after work one night. And instead of my now traditional Harry Potter themed bathroom, we will have a HP themed guest room. I am going ALL OUT on it too but I'm not telling you anymore until it is done.

Side bar: I do love Harry Potter but I do not need anything else Harry Potter. EVER.

So our house is in chaos. Painters are in every room. Today my new kitchen counters are going in and tomorrow I am getting new backsplash.

I CANNOT WAIT for that big reveal. This is going to be a dream kitchen.

They are also currently stripping the ugly tile off the fireplace. And I can't tell you how excited I am about that project.

To be fair, the tile isn't really ugly. It's just not my style. That whole look was far too contemporary for me. For us.

And Caleb has been super handy around the house doing tons of little odd jobs here and there. And he made me a new floating island so I can utilize my card catalog for my baking supplies again. I'm excited about that. And he's made a few other pieces I can’t wait to reveal.

By the end of the day tomorrow – if not sooner – everything should be done. Then I can start putting it all together and I cannot wait!

Rob is going to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday and will be gone most of the day and he told me he’s feeling guilty about it. I had to explain to him that he would probably just be in the way if he was here.


Organizing is what I do.

All of this is great and exciting and I love seeing everything come together. And I really love seeing Rob's reactions as he starts to see the vision come together.


...did you feel that but coming?

I am struggling with keeping a migraine at bay today. I think the combo of fumes and noise and dirt and just general disarray is getting to me. I don't do well living out of boxes - I'm usually completely unpacked within days. I don't know where anything is right now. My world is upside down - in the best way - and my head has had enough. And I can't do what I would normally do which is pop some Excedrine and lay down in a dark room until it goes away. So I'm doing my best to power through.

First world problems, huh?

I've told Rob this several times - and I guess now I am officially putting it in writing - that he needs to understand that my penchant for home improvement projects should in no way be misconstrued as a dissatisfaction with how things are. It's about putting our stamp on things. About personalizing our space and really making it our own.

He says he understands this. And I know you are reading this Rob, so I have this in writing now.

I just like having projects to do. It does not mean you are not enough for me.

Neither of my exes got that so I'm saying it loud enough for everyone to hear. Daniel flat out told me that I made him feel like nothing was ever good enough. Which obviously was not true, a fact that I repeatedly told him over the years but oh well.

I just like to decorate. Is that really so wrong?

I mean, if it is, then tell me. Am I the weirdo? Is there any justification in either of my formers being hurt by my desire to decorate? Should I just have been satisfied leaving the walls or floors however they came?

It’s probably best if you don’t answer that.

Anyway, it means a lot to me that Rob not only understands that but that he wants to be a willing participant. I'm not too proud to accept help and I think the house will be more “ours” when he can point at a wall and say “I painted that”.

Work continues to go well even if I am still a little slow. It's hard to be as fast as I want when there is so much going on around me physically. I am moving faster though - I'm definitely asking fewer where does this go sort of questions. I even got a compliment from one of the underwriters saying my files were the best processed files in the company. #humblebrag

Look. I'd like to say I don't need validation, but I'd be wrong if I said it wasn't nice. It's nice to be appreciated. Hell, even the big boss checked in with me last week just to make sure everything was hunky dory. I definitely feel the love here. I do not want to fuck that up. Next week I will be back to 100% distraction free work mode and then they will really be impressed!

Saw this today and it really spoke to me. I feel all of these on the daily.

So how is everyone doing pandemic wise? It's weird to think this is still a thing I need to ask about. I told Rob once everything is done here we are going under strict quarantine for 2 weeks just to make sure we are all good. There have been so many people coming and going – and I feel like I’ve been to Home Depot a dozen times in the last few days. I even went to WalMart on Sunday.

I’m still firmly in the shop from home camp. Even though I miss shopping just for fun. It’s just not so fun when you have to wear a mask.

I really miss things like shopping just for fun. Dining out. Hanging out with my friends at the Pub. Having friends over.

Someone asked me if we are going to have a housewarming party. The short answer is yes.

The long answer? We might have to wait a while. You know I love any excuse to party but I also want all of us to be healthy and safe. I’m not sure those two go together right now.

Actually, I am sure. They don’t..

I was really looking forward to my birthday party this year since it’s a big one.

50. FIFTY. The big 5-0.

That’s weird.

But my boys just turned 23 so it must be true.

I had plans for this big 1950’s cocktail party theme. And I know we still have a few months, but I have a sneaking suspicion I will not be celebrating this one in style. But if I don’t, mark your calendars for next year.

And wear your mask so we can have a next year.

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