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COVID Meltdown #..., who’s counting anymore?

I try VERY hard to not call people names…unless I personally know them and they have earned the name.

I’m looking at you French Whore.

I'm not always successful either. But fuuuuuuucccckkkk. Governor Abbott is not making this easy, is he?

In case you haven’t heard, yesterday he announced that as of March 10th the state of Texas will officially be re-opened 100%. Meaning no more mask mandate. Crowded bars and restaurants are ok again.

And I get it. The physical, mental, emotional, and financial toil this pandemic has wreaked on all of us has been substantial. We all want a return to a semblance of normalcy.

But not at the risk of our health. Or our lives.

I see a lot of my Facebook friends stating they will continue to wear masks. And I’ve seen posts from businesses as well. My favorite quote came from Alamo Drafthouse stating they are “…only following the guidance of the CDC and medical experts, not politicians” (and it was underlined in their statement, just like that).

Hey Abbott? You need some aloe vera ‘cause you just got burned!

We interrupt this post to bring you news that our realtor Suzy Neal is the best. If you are in DFW and in need of a realtor, contact me for details. She just sent us Tiff’s Treats to cheer us up because of the plumbing fiasco.

Unexpected and timely delivery. #cookiesmakeitbetter #TiffsTreats #thankyouSuzy

Which brings me to today’s meltdown.

I was fine-ish yesterday. I mean, I was horrified at the cost of repairs but that’s just the joys of home ownership, right?

Except today they ripped up the artificial turf in our little side yard. The one I look at all day. The one we have begun potty training Manfred to. And then tore out a chunk of the pretty pebbled patio.

And I just started thinking about all the other costs associated with this fiasco.

Landscaping is pretty trashed in the front. So that will need to be redone. Hopefully they can put the turf back the way they found it, though now there will be a seam which is probably not a big deal but my concern falls more in the line of will that allow weeds to spring up?

And they will “repair” the patio but it will be a patch and it won’t have the same texture as the rest of the patio (he told us that) – and it is right outside the door.

And I worry about the bathroom floor that needs to be replaced. Not that I’m upset about replacing it – I hate the existing flooring. But I’d have preferred to do it on our timeline. And we have to replace the shower tile which I did like and I hate that we have to redo it. Because what if water got in the walls and we have mold now too?

What about the foundation? We have some pretty significant cracks in the house that we didn’t have 6 months ago – most notably in the kitchen. And doors have become suddenly more difficult to shut/lock. And this morning I noticed cracks in the grout of the two inside corners of the shower in the guest bath which I’m assuming is related to all this.

And that’s just bringing everything back to normal. And I'm not feeling real confident that insurance is going to step up and pay for any of it.

That doesn’t include the things that we were planning to do that will now have to be put off indefinitely.

Like updating the landscaping in the back yard. We really wanted to add more turf areas.

And replacing the sliding door to the side yard. It’s old and difficult to move but maybe that will correct itself with the foundation? I’m not feeling lucky about it but I’m an optimist at heart.

There’s the additional landscaping I wanted to do in the front. Mostly just adding some color. That clearly won’t be happening this year.

Replacing windows definitely just got pushed back more – I wasn’t sure it could work into this year’s plan as is, but this seals it.

And forget about adding a door from the master bedroom to the side yard. That just feels like a pipe dream now.

Also probably moves new floors to a seven year plan. At best.

Pergola for the backyard? Doubtful.

Mind you we weren’t planning on doing these things all at once. Or even necessarily this year. Or the next. I’m not saying we won’t ever get to them, I just feel pretty secure in saying not anytime soon.

Some things bum me out more than others. I really wanted to do the back yard. Low maintenance and we wouldn’t have to worry about Manfred getting muddy. And I really wanted to replace the side door.

I'm well aware this may come across as Suzanne is a spoiled brat - be thankful for what you have. And I get that...I'm not saying you are wrong. But also, I am ENORMOUSLY grateful for all I have.

C’est la vie.

But there’s other areas that are impacted as well.

We’ve talked about getting married when the world rights itself. And believe me when I say I know you can do a wedding in any budget. It’s just…unofficial plans are being altered in a way that I am less than pleased with.

It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine.

I’m just feeling a little woe is me, down in the dumps at the moment. I’ve been through worse. I’ll get over it.

But I’m still sad about it right now.

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