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False Alarm

Spoiler alert - we are all fine.

Quick little story time.

This morning around 8:30 one of our fire alarms in the house went off. It was loud, but not constant. Just a random lady yelling "FIRE! FIRE!". Then nothing.

We investigated, found nothing, went about our morning.

Then it happened two more times and I am starting to get concerned. Rob checked the attic space above the alarm that was going off and didn't find anything, and the lady stopped yelling at us, so we figured false alarm.

Maybe she was just hot. It is summer in Texas.

Then it happened again at 12:30.

So this time Rob decides to replace the batteries as he is still convinced there is nothing wrong.

Except this time she's adding "CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTED".

Now I calmly suggest we should consider calling 911 or at least the fire department non-emergency number. That's when I look down at my phone and realized it CALLED 911!

I explained my phone did it on her own, no emergency. Thanks.

But then the damn thing yelled "CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTED" again and I decided to call the fire department. I explained it isn't really an emergency but I would feel better if we could be checked by professionals.

She told me to call 911 and say I have a non-emergency.

So I did. I was told to get me and the animals out of the house (Mister Manfred was easy - Shadow and Lilly said no way). Fire Department came, checked the house, and gave us the all clear.

Also they said the combo fire/carbon monoxide detectors are worthless. Just so you know. They are a "waste of money" because carbon monoxide is heavy - those detectors need to be near the ground to work.

It's been an exciting day here at #ParadiseHeld
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