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I'm trying something new.

As a reminder, the name of this blog is really an inside joke. I don't really think I am an Influencer nor do I really want to be. I see how much work content creators put into their brand and I already have a full time job.

Still considering changing the blog title to Birth of a (Lazy) Influencer.

Stay on target Suzanne.

Target? Who's going to Target? Can I come too?

Just kidding. I rarely leave my house. Why would I when I can have everything delivered to my door?

I'm kidding.

Sort of.

I do tend to do most of my shopping online. I also spent most of January trying to not spend frivolously and I did pretty well aside from one mani/pedi but I'm DIYing them at the moment.

Which feels like a perfect segue into my something new. I'm going to start providing links for products I use and if you are interested in buying them I would really appreciate you following my links so I can get a cut of the action.

Do I think this will make me rich? No.

Am I hopeful that I can make enough to pay for my mani/pedis? YES.

Here's the thing, I don't like painting my own nails because (1) I'm shit when I try to paint my right hand and (2) It seems to take HOURS for the polish to dry and I feel like no matter what time of day I paint my nails I will wake up the next morning with sheet marks in them.

Also I just like being pampered.

I don't want to do gel at home because I still have to paint them and now I'm exposing my hands to harmful UV rays and I'm aging my hands faster than I already am aging.

And doing dip nails at home still poses the problem of my right hand always looking worse than my left. What's a girl to do?

Well I recently revisited nail polish stickers. These are the ones I purchased. They are very easy to apply though don't expect perfection the first time out (or third). I have very wide nail beds so they are a little small on me (short side to side on some fingers) but not so much that I won't wear them. I specifically like this set for the variety.

Pro tip: using tweezers to place the stickers really helps - even when using your non-dominant hand.

Plus I could never do cute designs like this on my own! And have you ever tried to remove glitter polish? #glitterpolish #nailart

It took me less than 10 minutes to put on this set. You can see that I didn't quite place it correctly on my thumb because it overlapped my cuticle and I wasn't taking my time. And you can see how it is short on one side on my index finger. I don't think this would be a universal problem because I have unusually wide nail beds. This is the third set I have done.

Now the negatives - fixing mistakes is not easy, or I haven't figured it out yet. I can't just dip a Qtip in polish remover and fix that thumb cuticle. And I don't love that the edges show white because of the filing process. I suspect I will get better on placing the stickers over time and hopefully won't have the cuticle issue. I'll just have to get over the tip edge issue.

Oh! And they are really easy to remove, just peel off. No polish remover needed.

And honestly a little relaxing. Who doesn't love peelies?

I really love how quickly I can change the look when the mood strikes. I just miss my long nails and the added strength dip gives my nails but this works well for now.

I also bought these polish stickers for my toes. The most challenging part of that was reaching my toes but I still found it easier than painting. No feet pics though - have to go to my only fans for that.

Just kidding. I don't have an only fans for feet pics. Yet.

I don't intend to turn this blog into one huge commercial but when it feels organic, I will include links. I'm also told that if you follow my link but buy something else, as long as you are still in the same session, I will get a cut of the order - presumably for bringing you to amazon.

So that's my feeble attempt at monetizing this blog. I've purposely avoided ads all this time because I didn't want to be that person but I feel like as long as I am sharing products I actually use, why not?

Also it should be noted that this is not a sponsored post in anyway. I found these and paid for them on my own. Just thought it was a fun product worth sharing.

Coming soon, I've been doing a bit of redecorating.

So yeah, that whole not spending frivolously thing is over.

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