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Let Me Count the Ways...

Originally published on Facebook on 05/16/2019

So today kind of sucked.

We are so busy at work that even with the (limited) approved overtime I am still behind. Silver lining? Overtime pay - which is good because...

In spite of her saying I was hired at the interview, I received an email from Kohl’s today saying they decided to not make me an offer. Back to the drawing board for a part-time gig.

Why does EVERY SINGLE SONG I hear remind me of him? Either the good times or these bad ones. I want to listen to music but it just makes me sadder.

And speaking of sadder...he finally agreed to the terms of the divorce. That’s good, right? Except one of us must appear in court and he’s moved to CONNECTICUT so I guess it won’t be him. So now I have to use a vacation day to drive to Austin to get a divorce that I didn’t want and had no idea was coming and was not even able to fight against. I am still so furious about this. I am so mad that he let me believe we were happy when at least half of us wasn’t. I’m so mad that he gave me NO WARNING in spite of literally everything I ever said to him. I’m so mad that he didn’t give me a chance to fight for us...and more so that he didn’t think what we had was worth fighting for. I’m so mad about how blind I was.

How was your day?

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