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Life Goes On...For Some of Us

My last post was August 26th.

My friend that could not get vaccinated because of cancer and got Covid? Still recovering. 27 days and counting - though she does appear to be on the mend.

My friend's mother that could not get into the hospital (for a non-covid medical issue) because of all the Covid patients? She died.

Also since that post one of my friend's lost her husband to Covid. I suspect he was not vaccinated but I do not know that as fact.

Covid is not a joke people.

Rob and I have gone back to semi-quarantine. We limit when we go out and we mask up when we do. I wish this was over.

And since we've been largely staying home without company, I really haven't had much to update you on. I have some wedding planning news to share but I'll do that in another post in case you aren't interested.

Which is fair.

I will share this though, as much as we want to invite all of our friends and family, we just can't afford it. Please don't take it personally if you are not invited. We were hoping to have a reception here in Dallas after the wedding but even that seems unlikely now.

It's easier for us to limit our guest list by having the wedding in Maine but it's still difficult. Anyway, more on that in my other post.

We are in the midst of concert week here at #ParadiseHeld. Last Monday, Rob went to Eric Clapton with our friends Ryan and Bridgette. I was going to go but offered my ticket to Bridgette instead because she is a big fan and we had just returned from Maine that day and I didn't want to leave Mister Manfred alone all night.

We just can't bring ourselves to put him in a kennel when we are not home so we just put him in the bathroom. Which I understand is essentially just a bigger kennel but it makes me feel better. He still wants to eat the sofa when we leave him out, even though he is fully using his doggie door now. I think it's separation anxiety more than anything...we will have to figure that out.

Anyway - he (Rob, not Manfred) was tired after getting up super early for our flight that day but said he had a lot of fun. Me? I was asleep before 10pm.

He's not tired of me yet. #luckygirl

Then last night we went to see Kansas - one of Rob's favorite bands - in Oklahoma. Our seats were amazing - 3rd row center. I've only been close like that at one other concert (Tears for Fears and there was no one between me and Curt Smith). I don't really know their music except the obvious Dust in the Wind and Wayward Son but Rob was beaming the whole time.

Tonight he is once again at a concert, this time with his friend Rob. I've forgotten who it is but I am sure he will have fun. Plus I think it is good for him to do things without me (and vice versa) - especially since we are together 24/7.

Tuesday night is The Eagles and I am looking forward to that except for the part where it is on a school night. That's gonna suck.

And then we will be essentially under house arrest again for a while. We will go out, but still limited and still with masks.

Everything else is good for now. We are both healthy as are our kids. We are currently both employed. We have food to eat and money to pay for the little luxuries (like concerts) and the big ones (like a wedding - even if we have to keep paring down our plans).

All in all, life continues on. How about you?

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