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Life's Still Good Sometimes

Things are going well.

As I mentioned previously, I have finally taken the first step and gone on a real date. And it was good enough to warrant a second date.

Friday night HPN1 and I went to Main Event. We had a lot of fun shooting pool (I lost), playing air hockey (I lost 2 out of 3 - surprisingly. Sidebar: I need to brush up on my air hockey skills), glow in the dark mini golf (I won - finally! Though he did start off with a hole in one twice in a row! I ended with one.), and rounded out the evening with a few games of Skee Ball (he's very good at getting those corner holes). I had a lot of fun - pretty sure he did too.

Yes there was a kiss. Or two. And yes it was very nice. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

I spent Saturday day shopping for furniture with my new friend Chase. He also took me to a cool restaurant supply store so if you want to buy a Carrot Cake I can now get the packaging for it. All of the furniture stores we went to were WAY outside of his budget but it is still fun to look. Oh and we went to Wayback Burgers for lunch - so delicious! And they have these fried mac and cheese fritters...I'm drooling just thinking about them.

As much fun as I had with Chase, the best was yet to come (sorry Chase!). SUSIE and STEVEN came to visit! For those not in the know, Susie is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We met first day of 9th grade, first period. And we have been best friends ever since. I could do an entire - lengthy - post about what she means to me...and I probably will someday. Steven is her fiance and I love seeing how happy she is with him. He seems to be a great guy and I hope he knows how lucky he is. Of course, she is too.

So they came and saw my tiny apartment - that isn't really tiny but I'm still adjusting. And then they took me to dinner. We went to The Keg - a first time for all of us - and it was delicious! I had a 6 ounce filet with half a lobster and a baked potato. And a martini. And a glass of wine. And I somehow got to a very pleasant tipsy stage and managed to maintain it the entire rest of the night. Which is weird because sadly, I am not usually a lightweight. It usually takes a lot to get me to the point where I am feeling the effects. And maintaining it for hours without crossing over to the dreaded full on drunk (trust me. It's not a pretty look on me)? I was feeling really good...and having a lot of fun. And don't worry - I wasn't driving.

So it maybe isn't my all-time best photo but I love my new dress! It's so flowy and pretty! #Torrid

After dinner I convinced them to go to the Pub so I could introduce them to my new friends and hang out. Susie hadn't wanted to go...she said it was too hot and we always sit on the patio at the Pub. But a couple of drinks later I think she was fine. Plus they have fans. I think it was quite pleasant out there and I was wearing a maxi dress. We ended up several doors down for karaoke with Matt and Elliott - as support only - before heading back home. Still pleasantly tipsy. It was really a perfect evening.

When I got home HPN1 and I chatted for a while via text so I could sober up before falling asleep. Actually we chat a lot via text. I'm a pretty quick texter anyway...if I am able, I'm going to always respond right away. And it's the next best thing to having a live person to talk to. Plus, he's a night owl so that works out well for me when I can't sleep at night.

Sunday was spent recovering. I think I had a hangover? I haven't really had one before but I slept a lot and was slightly queasy all day. And if I remember correctly I was asleep in bed by 10:00. And that's after sleeping in until nearly noon and taking a 2 hour nap. You'd think I'd be well rested.

I invited him over to watch a movie Monday night. NOT Netflix and Chill. Which I made sure he understood. I know what I said before and I meant it but I also said I'm not casual sex girl so I'm moving slowly. And he seems good with that...told me the ball is in my court essentially. He says a lot of the right things - he should write a guide book for men.

Also his name is Rob. I feel like three dates is enough to warrant his name now. No more HPN1.

As I mentioned before, I've probably broken a lot of dating "rules" with him. I can't help it. I just want/need to be completely open and honest with someone. That can't be wrong, can it? If it is, I don't care. If I scare him away from being too open or honest then better now than later. He calls it our H&O policy.

He knows I am not looking/ready for a relationship. I've told him I might go on other dates if the opportunity comes up. I have no interest in going behind anyone's back. I know what that feels like. And like I said, he's read my blog so he knows everything I've posted on here. And will continue to post. So why try to hide it?

I do like him. We have fun. We talk about books and movies - which I could talk about all day. I'm still trying to figure things out but he seems patient. Which I very much appreciate.

I went to the Pub last night to hang out. Got there just in time to work on a crossword puzzle with Bridgette and Jessica - 'cause we cool like that. So I'm a nerd. Fight me.

Actually don't fight me because I really am a nerd and have zero fighting skills. Help!

It was a gorgeous night on the patio. Fun conversation with friends and drinks. Life can still be good sometimes.

Tonight is Classic Movie Night with Magan. And it's Bette Davis. My all-time favorite. It's going to be a challenge to find a movie to watch of hers that I haven't seen - not impossible but we are also limited to what is available. I've seen a lot. I have no problem repeating any of her films though. And if you are interested in her films but don't know where to start, I recommend Dark Victory; Now, Voyager; and All About Eve. In that order. Most people think of All About Eve Bette or Baby Jane Bette. They think she was always over the top. But those roles called for that. She was a phenomenal actress. And played some of the best roles of all time.

I'm heading to Austin for the weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. We leave in the morning and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm hoping Christina and Trisha will come out and join me because the last time we hung out at a bar together my world had just fallen apart and I literally spent the entire night crying. And if you are in the area tomorrow and want to meet up on 6th Street let me know - I'd love to see you.

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