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Maine Vacation - Day Four

Today was a quiet day but no less fun. We took our time getting going and heading back out to Perkins Cove - I had my eye on a seaglass necklace but the shop had closed early the day before.

To be honest there were a lot of beautiful choices but ultimately I went with a lovely blue piece with matching earrings.

After some more shopping, we stopped at Barnacle Billy's for a life changing lunch.

No - the food wasn't that good (lobster rolls) and the rum punch was a little weak. The atmosphere was fantastic - sitting right above the water, enjoying the view of the cove and people watching.

Also I should note that this was the first day it was cool enough for me to wear JEANS and a SWEATER.

On my vacation.


Anyway, I started making light chit chat with the lady at the next table...I think it started with her complimenting my hair. Next thing you know we've moved over to her table and I think we are BFFs now.

Well, we are at least friends.

As an agnostic, I don't say this lightly. But I think we were destined to meet. I'm not here to share her story but we connected in a meaningful way. And honestly if she lived here (because let's face it, I'm not moving to New Hampshire) I am certain we would really become BFFs. Sometimes the connection is just instant, you know?

Does that make me sound like a stalker? I promise I'm not Sally. Please don't leave me!

So we stayed and talked for quite a while but eventually we had to head back to the cottage. Rob was really looking forward to looking for sea glass - that's a thing he likes to do there. Apparently it's not as easy as it once was (yay recycling) but we still found a few good pieces.

In case you think it is easy spotting glass, it's not. You mainly find it in clear/white, green, and brown. Occasionally you might get blue or red but those aren't that common anymore. I mostly found the green and clear/white ones.

Sure it's easy to spot the sea glass in this pic but that's 'cause I did all the work for you.

Also there are a lot of sea snail shells on that beach!

*I had to hop back in because I remembered why we had to leave Perkins Cove - it wasn't just for the sea glass.

Some friends of Rob's family wanted to come over and toast our engagement. They brought us champagne and we had a lovely evening talking with them. Bud is the one that did all the upgrades on the cottage and Jeanne is a chef that has written 4 cookbooks and had her own culinary magazine in New England for several years.

If we have the wedding there, I've already dropped hints about her catering for us.

Honestly I think the only reason they left was because it was getting so late and they knew our restaurant was going to close. I really enjoyed our visit!

Dinner was another round of lobster and steamers at our new favorite restaurant Lobster in the Rough.

But that's all for today. Day 5 is Boston!

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