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Maine Vacation - Day Seven

Technically we were still on vacation, but we had to be out of the cottage by 10am and in Boston for our flight at 2:50pm so not a lot of fun going on.

Of course I had us all packed up the night before so we could enjoy as much of our last day as possible. But we slept a little late and did not make it back down to the beach.

Did I say not a lot of fun going on? I guess that depends on your point of view.

Because the night before when we mentioned to Jerry and Connie that we were seriously considering having the wedding in Kittery, they were enthusiastically supportive. So much so that they came over in the morning to let us check out their rental property (this was actually the first week ever that they had rented it) as they just moved into the new house next door.

So I guess here is where I confess - as much as I protested both before and at times during the trip - I really did love Maine. I still don't want to vacation there every year - I still prefer warmer summer weather. But if we suddenly had the ability to buy a summer home there, I might consider staying a little long as I could work during the day so I didn't have to count it as vacation.

It really is lovely. It's a slower pace which is a nice change. And I'm always happiest near the ocean.

But most importantly, it was how much Rob loves it. His face was just beaming the entire time. You can feel his family and history there - and how much it means to him.

So we looked around, became ever more convinced this is where we want to get married, and now we have to figure out the logistics. It isn't free, or at least I don't expect it to be. And there are other things to consider - like knowing we wouldn't be able to celebrate with as many of our friends as we would like.

Are you kidding me? Who wouldn't want to get married here?

So I am putting this out there now, we totally understand that if we have a wedding in Maine that not everyone will be able to join us. We will still invite you and will be thrilled if you can. And if you can't? I'm sure we will have a hell of a party when we get back and you better be there. ;)

Eventually we had to say goodbye. I'm sure we will be back soon.

We enjoyed one last lobster roll at the airport and yes it really was the best one we had. Also the biggest. Legal Seafoods right there at the gate. Dee-lish-us.

They changed our flight out at some point - which didn't bother us too much because it was later and just meant we wouldn't be too rushed our last day. But unfortunately they didn't bother to seat us next to each other. The best we could get was sitting one in front of the other.

In the middle seat.

Gotta go. I have to go complain about that.

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