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Maine Vacation – Day Three

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for!

Well…I’d been waiting for it anyway.

Rob and I have been talking about marriage for a while now. Even as far back as last year when looking for a house or booking contractors, Rob would often refer to me as his fiancée. Which I told him was a word he couldn’t use until it was official.

And let’s face it…we aren’t getting any younger. And while I consider myself a fairly modern woman, I made it clear to him early on that I would not be satisfied with living together forever. That there is still a traditional, hopeful romantic in me longing for that married happily ever after.

So sometime in April I told Rob I wanted a ring by June. Let’s stop beating around the bush and make it official.

To be clear – this was NOT an ultimatum. I would not have kicked him out if he didn’t make it official. I just voiced my preference that we keep moving forward toward the ultimate goal.

So we went ring shopping last month and I narrowed it down to 3 or 4 rings and told Rob I would love any of them but the final decision was his. I also knew that he decided to custom create a ring taking the elements he liked best from them to create something completely unique. AND I also knew pink sapphires were involved as I like colored gemstones – and specifically blue sapphire is my favorite but he didn’t want it to seem like a replica of my last ring and pink is my favorite color. I did not know what it looked like or when or where the question would finally come.

Though I did have good intel it would be sometime during our vacation.

So when we woke up on Tuesday morning and Rob wanted to go on his morning walk on the beach alone, I had a feeling something was up. So I got dressed and went out on the deck to enjoy the lovely morning.

When he came back, he asked me to join him for a walk on the beach. Honestly, I’m never saying no to that. Then he took me to The Point and carefully led me across an outcropping at the tip of the point. And I looked down and saw those 4 words I’d been waiting for.

Will you marry me - spelled out in rocks and seashells.

It’s funny how even when you know something is coming, it can still make you cry.

He did not get down on one knee because OW but he opened the box to this breathtaking ring. Obviously, I said yes. How could I not?

Do you see the tiny little lobstah?

I’ve known for a long time this is where we were heading…at least in my mind. I’m not sure how long he knew. But it became clear to me pretty early on that he was the one. Yeah there are some issues, which we are actively working on, but those are more external.

We fit.

We lingered on The Point taking a few pictures, soaking in the scenery, overflowing with happiness. Eventually we headed back to the cottage so we could share our news with everyone.

PS thank you for the love and congratulatory messages. We loved reading them all day.

Then we took a short drive out to York and Short Sands Beach…another place Rob has been going all his life. We played one game of candlestick bowling – I sucked – and then wandered around the shops. We stopped for lunch at Goldenrod’s – famous for their Saltwater Taffy – but frankly, their food was really good too.

This was my first deviation from lobster this trip as I opted for a crab and shrimp roll instead. Rob of course had the lobster roll and chowder. After lunch, we bought over 5 pounds of taffy.

Mostly for souvenirs. Mostly.

Then we headed out to Nubble Lighthouse. It’s Rob’s favorite lighthouse. And there are stunning views to be had there (you cannot actually go to the light house but there are plenty of places from which to take photos nearby).

Also this was the first time I was actually cold this trip. Granted I was in shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt, but that wind was fierce. We did not linger too long – Rob was cold too!

From there we headed out to Ogunquit and specifically Perkins Cove. I loved this little area. It’s very pretty – as you can tell from the pictures. There are a few shops – a couple of jewelry shops that we frequented – but mostly it’s just a pretty place to walk around. There’s even a cliff walk called The Marginal Way if you are into that sort of thing. I’m sure it has great views but I was cold. And lazy. Mostly lazy.


Hey – it was a big day!

Rob bought me a lobster trap necklace with a tiny little lobster in it from one of the open shops. But also that first time most of the shops were closing up even though it wasn’t 5:00 yet so we did a quick once around and headed back to the cottage.

Fun fact – the summer “season” evidently doesn’t really start until July 1st up there. So there are still a lot of places that are either not open daily or have seriously reduced hours.

That night for dinner, we went to Robert’s (no relation) in Kittery. It’s the “fanciest” place we went. I say “fanciest” because it looks really upscale but you still see people in shorts and flip flops. This was also the first time we actually told someone in person we had just gotten engaged and our waitress brought us champagne to celebrate. Dinner was lobster and steamers – obviously.

And that’s day <3.

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