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Maine Vacation - Day Two

We started day two with a walk on the beach looking for sea glass. This is something Rob has been doing all his life and we have a bottle of sea glass in the bathroom to prove it.

Which fits well with our nautical theme. But also I have a new idea on what to do with the sea glass that's been collected. Stay tuned for that.

It was a nice morning - a little cool but still comfortable. Just this side of sweater weather.

Rob took me out to The Point. At least that's what he and his family has always called it. It's a nature preserve now and you know how much I love nature don't you?

Hint: It's best observed from afar.

But even more importantly, I had to climb over loose rocks to get to The Point. In flip flops. Raise your hand if you think that was a good idea.

Shockingly, with my personal billy goat guide I managed to safely ascend and descend The Point. Multiple times even!

He really is my good luck charm. He's so patient and mindful of my limitations.

After that we went to Fort McClary - there are several forts in the area but this one is his favorite. And we were in luck because we were there the one weekend a year that they do a re-enactment of the French invading the fort!

PS if you are a Facebook friend you can see lots of pics from the trip - I need to work on captioning them.

Our next stop was Chauncey's for lunch. Chauncey's has been a Held family favorite for decades. Sadly, it did not live up to the hype...the owner seems to not care so much anymore, the prices were outrageous, and as we later learned, the staff was recently extremely rude to a member of the extended family.

This was my first lobster roll of the trip - it was meh if I'm being honest. And Rob also had his bucket of steamers.

You know it is love when you can sit across from someone and watch him eat a bucket of steamed long neck clams.

Seriously. It isn't pretty.

I will say though - the location is gorgeous. It is right on the water.

Scenes from day two - all around Kittery.

The next place we went was the Kittery Trading Post.

Now, I am not entirely sure what I expected based on how excited he has been about this place, but it certainly wasn't Buckee's meets Bass Pro Shop - but with fresh lobster outside instead of gas pumps.

In other words, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I will say though, we bought some delicious fudge there. So it wasn't a total waste of time.

I think Rob likes shopping more than me.

For dinner we went to a local pizza place called When Pigs Fly and everything about it was perfect. We kept intending to go back but we never did. I think this was the only meal (excluding breakfast because that was usually just a pop tart at the cottage) that wasn't seafood.

That's it for day two...wonder what day 3 has in store...

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