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Matt's Last Resort

I've been sitting on this one for a week - had to wait until Matt's birthday so I didn't spoil the surprise.

You may remember back in the early quarantine days I decided to try out a new hobby (actually I tried several but this is the main one that stuck). Felted wool was not something I had ever really thought about but I found an affordable Christmas kit and decided to try it out. I'd link the kit here but it isn't available anymore but I'm thinking about this kit so I can make more things.

*Disclosure* if you follow the kit link and by anything on Amazon as a result I might get money and that would be a huge help to me. You don't have to buy the linked item, just any Amazon purchase after clicking my link.

But here's the thing about the kit I purchased - instructions were unclear. I ended up looking up several YouTube videos to get a better feel for how it is done. And the answer is shockingly simple:

You stab it. You stab the wool hundreds of times and eventually the wool sticks together and then you start stabbing it into the shape you want until it is the firmness you want.

You try describing it and make it not sound dirty.

Anyway, I made the original 3 pieces. They weren't perfect but I think that's kind of what I like about them. And a few months ago I found (actually I think Zach pointed them out to me) some kits at HomeGoods and I did a couple more. They still lean winter but they are very cute.

After a few kits I have come to the realization (delusion?) that I don't need a kit to make something, I can do it all by myself. It's not like there's a pattern.

So 2 weeks ago I decided that for Matt's birthday I would try to make him a Mr. Tumnus. This was a perfect idea for him because his instagram handle is MattyGoatBoy and he has a tattoo of Mr. Tumnus. He also once did a birthday invitation with his face photoshopped on Mr. Tumnus.

He's a fan.

But that was also a lot of pressure for me because he is a fan.

I started with a Pinterest search for reference. I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for but I got some good ideas. Then I grabbed my box of leftover wool and got to stabbing. It took me a few days, but I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

I mean - he's pretty cute, right? Zach suggested the parcels and it was the perfect finishing touch.
A close up before the clean up.
I even gave him a little tail!

Because I am a novice at this, I still struggle with getting them completely smooth as you can tell by the last two photos. I did clean him up a bit more before gifting him with a combination of more stabbing and a trim with clippers. I know it is cheating but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I had a problem with his hooves but other than that I think it all worked out. And Matt seemed pleased which is all that really mattered.

My color options are pretty limited with the leftovers I still have and I like the color selection of the link at the top so I might buy a kit. I also have created an inspirational Pinterest board for future ideas.

I'm not super at coming up with them on my own.

Also I feel like all those cookie decorating classes I took back in Austin have really helped me with this. I'm not saying I can do *any* decorated cookie, or that it will always look professional, but I've learned how to break designs down into simple, manageable steps. And that's what I do with wool felting. And as long as I have some sort of reference, and it isn't terribly detailed, I think I can do it.

I'm definitely not ready for the hyper realistic animals yet though.

I wish there was a class I could take so I could ask questions and learn proper techniques. I have a wide array of needle sizes and I have no idea why.

Also if you didn't know, Matt moved to North Carolina back in October leaving most of Dallas broken hearted. But it was a good move for him because he found Tony and he seems like a very nice guy. And he was kind enough to come home and let us celebrate him this weekend. Anyway, happiest of birthdays to you Matt. <3 I love you lots!

Possibly the only person I have ever known that loves a costume party as much as me. #Natenadmattyslastresort

So...what should I make next?

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