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Meet Trixie Jones

My mind is a blur right now. I have so many thoughts floating around.

I've been really busy prepping for my trip this weekend. Of course work has been busy - it always is right before vacation, right? But I'm all caught up, everyone has been updated, and I am SUPER EXCITED about the bond training I have coming up in a few minutes.

Thought I would take advantage of these 10 minutes and post a blog.

I had another dinner party already. I want to host one a month and with February already being a short month, we will be gone this next weekend, the following weekend I'll be celebrating Mardi Gras all weekend, and then it is the end of the last weekend it was!

I served my Southwest Quiche with black beans, chips and guacamole. Not much was left over so I think it was enjoyed by all. I made cupcakes this time because my dumb ass thought it would be fun to try out a whole bunch of different Russian decorating tips.

It wasn't fun. It was hard. I ended up using the same tip as before - guess I started with the easy one last time - and I still had multiple fails. They tasted good though.

Also, I have never celebrated Mardi Gras. I think I had a bite of King Cake once? But, I'm always up for any reason to celebrate.

I'm always a little perplexed in that I am a PLANNER but yet I also put off packing for a trip until the last minute. Like as soon as the training is over, I have to run out and buy a few last minute travel necessities.

I knew I needed them last night when I was out getting my nails done. I knew the night before when I went out and had my eyelashes done. I knew this weekend when I was out running errands for the dinner party.

But nope. Waited until today.

I also waited until yesterday to think about planning transportation to the airport. Luckily for us, Zach is a night owl and doesn't mind taking us to the airport at 3am.

Also, why do we distinguish night owl? I've never heard anyone be called a day owl. Most, if not all, owls are nocturnal right? So why don't we just say "he's a real owl that one"?

Normally one of the last minute things I do before a trip is get my hair done. I know I'm going to take lots of pics so I want to look my best. Duh. But I'm going to the beach for 5 glorious days. Well 4.5. I don't want to be worried about getting my hair wet. Who cares if the color fades?

So I got my lashes done. Which is probably silly since I'll be wearing my sunglasses most of the time.

Don't care. My lashes are amazing and they make me feel pretty and sexy. Which I need when I'm going to the beach. Any extra confidence boost I can get is worth it. I just wish I could do it all the time.

Ahhh riches! Why hast thou forsaken me?!

What else? Oh I wanted to write about a weird quirk I have.

I have a new car...Joan Jetta just turned a year old last week. She has plenty of get up and go. I've had new cars for most of the last 20 years of my life. Most of them perfectly operational the entire time. And yet....

...and yet I STILL hesitate before pulling out in front of oncoming traffic. I will wait for a gap an 18-wheeler can go through. Because WAAAAY back when I first started driving I was always driving PoS cars and I was never sure I would make it through the intersection. So I definitely didn't do it if I could SEE a car coming.

This is why I tend to be patient when there is someone ahead of me at a light. Especially if they are turning left.

Weird, right? What is a weird thing you do out of habit that has no basis in your current reality?

Oh! Who watched the Oscars on Sunday? I used to be so into it. It was sort of part of my job to know all about movies once upon a time. And I was pretty good at predicting the winners. But I haven't watched in years. And I barely had even heard of some of the nominated films this year. I did not do well with my predictions...I did not see Parasite winning so much but kudos are definitely in order! Now I want to see it.

Rob and I spent Sunday night at the Pub for Elliot's Studio 54 themed Oscar watch party. No big deal or anything but Rob and I both won awards for our costumes.

Everything I am wearing was already in my closet - and only the wig is from my costume stash. #truestory #trixiejones

Aren't we groovy?

Bridgette and I decided my name was Trixie Jones. A starlet wanna be from the UK but determined to convince everyone she's from the South. And her accent keeps slipping.

I have so much fun at the Pub. Those are my kind of people.

Anyway, training is done, lunch is over, and I've got a little more work to do before 5 gets here.

Sorry not sorry about all the upcoming beach pics.

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