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Mister Manfred I Presume?

We are in serious danger of this turning into a puppy blog.

So our first night at home went about as expected. Meaning he cried until wearing himself out, would sleep a little, then cry some more. I think around 3 or 4am he finally decided to really sleep. It was exactly as exhausting as it sounds.

Not that it was unexpected. That's the price you pay when there's a new baby in the house.

Because he isn't fully potty trained, we are keeping him in my office space all day. Yesterday he got a lot of lap time. I have a hard time saying no to his sweet little face.

The cats have handled segregation on their own. They've been mostly keeping to themselves in Rob's office. Their food and water have been moved to the guest bath for now and when the puppy is running freely, we put up a gate.

Also we've loved everyone's name ideas but it just sort of came to me and since it was so unusual, we think it is his name. I've just been calling him's the bowtie, can't help it...and he did something yesterday and I said no sir Mister Man...Manfredjensonson (any Fish called Wanda fans reading this?)..Manfred Mann. Hmm...Manfred?

We have plenty of nicknames to work with there and it just feels right. So, we are 98% sure that's it.

Xander said it made him think of an old man. Which is why it fits with the bowtie. Also bowties are cool.

Any way, after work we went over to Magan's to do a load of laundry (more on that later) and for puppy's first play date.

June was not consulted first.

Mister Manfred does not seem to really care about other animals so far. He acknowledges them, tries to play, and when turned down, just goes off and does his own thing. He respects boundaries.

June wanted nothing to do with him. In fact, she was scared of him. She's significantly larger than him but terrified. He respected that though.

No means no.

I'm proud to report he slept soundlessly through the night with no accidents.

Today he mostly slept at my feet because although I can work with him in my lap, it's definitely more challenging typing with his head draped over my arm.

The picture that is going to make him a STAR! #puppyinfluencer

Duncan and Zach are coming over tonight to meet him. They are going to love him.

OK so remember the laundry thing?

While most of Texas is dealing with plumbing issues caused by the winter storm, we are dealing with plumbing issues caused by eroded pipes and tree roots. We cannot use the laundry, kitchen, or master bath. AT. ALL.

The good news is it's only going to cost $24,000 to redo the plumbing.

Did I say good news? I'm trying to be positive.

But we will also probably have to repair the foundation. And the plumber suggested replacing the floors and shower. Not to mention whatever external repairs may need to be done...I don't know that our artificial turf in the side yard can survive this. So the $24,000 is just a start.


One step at a time, right?

I will say that if the plumber had come on Friday instead of yesterday, we likely would not have adopted Manfred. We will be cutting our expenses for a while I'm sure. Anyone want to pay me for blogging?

Nah. Didn't think so.

Oh! And I may not be the only "influencer" in the family soon. We've been approached by a pet supply website (via instagram) because obviously Mister Manfred is so cute and everyone is going to want to look just like him.


I responded to them - we'll see how genuine the offer is. Methinks its a scam but if they want to send me free stuff, I'll take it. Especially now.

I promise not to turn into a 'gram mom.

But you should still expect daily pics for a while.

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Hopefully, your homeowner's insurance will cover a huge chunk of the repairs! And Manfred is precious. :)

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