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Nerds of a Feather

A lot has happened this week.

My cheesy gory horror movie date canceled on me. Again. I don't think he gets a third chance. He did at least give me plenty of warning both times - he didn't stand me up. But I'm tired of making dates and getting nervous and then nothing. Who has time for that?

But it isn't a total loss.

Sunday evening I received messages on Hinge from TWO Harry Potter nerds. Jackpot! I thought I was never going to find one, let alone two. Conversation dried up with HPN2 pretty quickly. Haven't heard from him in days.

But things are going well with HPN1.

I feel like these abbreviations make it look like I am talking about STDs. But I can't go by their initials because they start with the same letter!

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I've been talking via text with HPN1. A lot. Conversation is very easy with him and I appreciate that. We've discussed a myriad of topics. He's even read my blog so he knows what he is getting into as far as that is concerned. He's intelligent...but he isn't a Browncoat. So there is work to do.

My niece Berlin came to visit me Tuesday/Wednesday and we had such a great time. Sami stayed home (my other niece) but it was really great to get some one on one time with Berlin. Zach and I took her to the Pub and then karaoke on Tuesday and then she and I spent the better part of Wednesday shopping. For date clothes. It was important! With Berlin's help I got some really cute new tops and a new pair of jeans that apparently make my ass look great. And you know I need help there. I also bought an amazing maxi dress that I really look forward to wearing. I wish I could wear it every day.

We met up with Zach and Caleb (Berlin's beau) for lunch and then went out for more shopping until exhaustion took us and we needed a nap. We did not squeeze in pool time but it was still a great way to spend the day off.

And I know what I said about money but I needed that. And I just met with my financial planner and I actually have a new cushion now so I don't even need to feel guilty about it. Bonus!

Anyway...back to yesterday. So after a brief nap I had to finish up a special cake request for Xander - he asked me to make a Carrot Cake for his girlfriend's birthday. The girlfriend I still haven't met. But my sister has. I'm not bitter.

Then it was time to get ready for my date. Oh I didn't mention that? I had my first official date last night with HPN1! We met for sushi and had a really lovely evening.

Yes we met there. Yes I sent details to a couple of people and this photo of what I was wearing just in case I went missing or he murdered me. #worthit

I think I was home by 10:30 but then we texted for hours. I've been very open with him - I've probably broken almost all the first date rules. Not that I know them. Can someone give me a copy?

He does have a beard. It looks good on him but I don't know. You read the post. I have issues. But he is cute. And nice. And respectful. That one's really important. I don't know why that's so hard to find. Oh and he's my age too so I don't have to feel like some weird passive aggressive cougar with him.

And we have some common likes. I look forward to discovering more and seeing where this goes.

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