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One Year

One year ago today I officially started my blog. I have posted 83 - now 84 - times. I have shared my innermost thoughts and feelings and some of you have been along for the journey. Thank you so much.

I started this blog because I'd been - for lack of a better term - Facebook blogging for a couple of months. I was using Notes to share my day to day struggles with my friends. You all helped me through my darkest days. Your comments on my Notes and your private messages really gave me hope. I could feel your support and love every time I posted. You made me feel less alone.

And since some of you had been very complimentary of my writing, and even told me how what I said was helping you as well, I decided to take it more public. I don't know if I reach any more people through this blog than I was reaching on Facebook, but I've enjoyed writing it either way.

This blog has helped me work through my issues. It has brought me comfort. I think I finally understand why people journal in the first place. I've never been very disciplined about writing - my first diary literally said DITTO on every page. And I sort of felt bad for not writing every day.

But that's ok. I write when the mood strikes me. When something big happens. When I need comfort. When I just want to keep a record of what has been going on in my life. And I know I could have kept all of this private and just written my thoughts out on paper but, at least for me, knowing at least one other person was reading this blog made me feel less lonely. And I just don't think I would have gotten as much out of it had I just simply put pen to paper.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. It boils down to comfort level. And I've always said I was an open book.

So for any of you reading along, thank you for being on this journey with me. Even if I haven't known you were there.

My Facebook Note announcing my new blog. One year and 84 posts later...#blogiversary

Now... on to other things...

Several people have asked where we are concentrating our house hunt. I would like to be closer to Dallas so our current search areas include Lake Highlands, Richardson, Farmers Branch, Addison, and Carrollton. I'd rather not be any farther north than Carrollton but if it's the right house at the right price, I'm in. Rob works in the Irving/Las Colinas area so we don't want to go too far east either.

I think I said all of that right.

Must haves are a pool (prefer with hot tub but not a deal breaker), 4 bedroom, at least 2 bath, 2 living areas and a formal dining room (I want to go back to hosting dinner parties if we ever return to a semblance of normal). Semi open concept - I don't mind walls. I don't mind a little bit of a fixer upper either - as long as it is livable - but Rob prefers move-in ready. As I said, he lacks the vision. I've tried telling him we will probably need to paint no matter what because if you have ever been in one of my homes then you know I don't do plain white walls.

I'd also like some grass in the back because I hope to have a dog again soon. And if I'm doing real talk? I would love a mid-century style home - preferably one that hasn't been completely gutted and updated. But that's not a must-have, just a wish list.

Yes we are working with a realtor but if you know of anything, let us know.

And in other news, I got a new job this week. I wasn't exactly looking but I have been unhappy at work for a while so I have been keeping my eyes and ears open. I was talking to a former co-worker about an opportunity a few weeks back but that kind of fizzled and was just picking back up when a blast from my past contacted me on Monday afternoon. I had an "interview" on Tuesday morning and an official offer - which I quickly accepted - on Wednesday morning. I have never gotten a job that fast. I'm very excited about the people I will be working with and for. I'll give more details once I actually start.

I gave my notice and it went about how I expected it might. It's disappointing to have proof that after all the hours and hard work I have been putting in (especially these last few months), that I am ultimately just a warm body. Lisa was both happy and sad - sad that I am leaving but excited and happy about the opportunity. The other managers simply said "We accept your resignation. We will contact you on how to return the equipment."

And while I did not expect them to fight for me - I know they would not increase my pay - I did expect a cursory good luck in your new job sorry to see you go sort of message.

Want to know something really funny? I still worked until 7:00 that day. I won't get paid out my bonus for any of the loans closing this month. But I still put in 2 hours of OT to try to get work done. Why? Why can't I just work until 5:00 like a normal person?

Even funnier? I woke up feeling terrible today. Sore throat. Probably a low grade fever based on how sweaty and shaky I am. And I called in sick. Because I am sick and that's what you are supposed to do when you don't feel well. But I hesitated. Because I still continue to be behind on my pipeline and I KNOW that when they got that email they probably thought I was playing hooky today.

In reality, I slept literally all day. I still don't feel very good but I made myself get up. Plus I really wanted to write this post today.

So I'm going to take a shower and try to eat something. At least I have the weekend to rest up.

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