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Road to Recovery

Well it has been 11 days since Covid first reared it's ugly head. And I'm doing better.

A few days in was my worst day. I couldn't get my fever down below 100, my throat felt like fiery razor blades, and every movement left me exhausted.

The next day was better, throat hurt a little less and I mostly slept. In fact I would say I slept probably an average of 22 hours every day that I was sickest.

I woke up Saturday feeling a little better. I had gotten a good night's sleep and I managed to stay awake all day - though I did still break out in a sweat if I moved too much.

Sunday was a little better. Enough that I had the unofficial intention of working today. And not just because I was out of the Covid PTO. I didn't tell my boss or anyone in case I woke up feeling terrible this morning.

But even though I actually had a difficult time falling asleep last night, I woke up ready (ish) to work.

Now if I had the time available, I probably would have taken another day or two to really get well. I would not say I am at 100% normal. I'd probably say 70%. Maybe? I'm well enough to sit at my desk and I feel 1000x better than I did last week but I might've called in sick feeling like this pre-Covid.

So the first thing I did this morning when I clocked in was message my manager and said I'm up, I'm working, I don't know how long it will last but I will do my best to power through. I updated my out of office to let everyone know I was here but to be gentle. I almost gave in around 4...I was tired and feeling pretty proud of myself for making it that far and thought maybe that was enough for day one. Then an underwriter asked me to call her on a file and we were on the phone for about 40 minutes so I went ahead and stuck it out for the remainder of the day.

Hopefully I won't regret this tomorrow.

So with any luck, the worst of my Covid journey is over. I received a care package today from one of Rob's friends that recently fought the good fight herself. And while I may be on the road to recovery, I definitely will be enjoying some of the teas and things she sent. Help speed this shit along.

Such a sweet surprise! #thankyoujenny

And last night Zach did a quick drive by and dropped off some macarons for me. When I thanked him (via text) later, he said "...Glad I could bring some sweetness back after this week you've had".

I mean seriously. Who raised this kid? I may not have done everything right but I guess I got enough of the important ones. I'm such a lucky mom.

I hope if you are reading this that you are well and that you stay that way. I'm so grateful that I have been vaccinated and I can hardly wait to get my booster. Overall, while I definitely do not recommend Covid, it wasn't as bad as I feared. I know that's in large part due to the vaccine.

Stay healthy. Be safe. <3

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