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Screaming Meemies

My goodness. I do not know where to start.

I broke ties with another family member yesterday (and possibly another – TBD). I mentioned before that I could no longer tolerate intolerance. I mean that both in general and via social media relationships.

It does not matter if someone I love, loves you. It does not matter if it’s someone I love and believe to be a good person.

If you vote for or celebrate TRUMP in any way, I cannot be friends with you anymore.

I cannot be friends with someone – no matter how good of a person I want to believe they are – if they support this administration. I care about too many people the he has clearly and repeatedly demonstrated he does not care about.

That he is actively working to diminish.

I am done.

I am so mad that instead of this election being about policies, it is about basic human rights.

And you are either for or against them. Period.

It really is that simple.

PS, if the worst thing you can call me is a liberal…well…joke’s on you because I consider that a compliment.

Thank you

For anyone that saw the train wreck thread on my Facebook yesterday – that was fun, wasn’t it?

I won’t bother naming names. You either saw it or you didn’t. It started with an innocent gif flashing names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, etc saying they can’t vote but you can.

There was nothing overtly political about the post. I didn’t even do any political hashtags.

But Uncle B pops in calling it leftist propaganda and “make it go away”.

First, I’m trying to make it go away. By encouraging people to vote.

But also, don’t come onto my page and tell me what I can and cannot post. This isn’t the first time he tried something like that either. Previously he called me a racist because of my support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

I’ve tried to calmly discuss these issues with him. He almost always quickly devolves into name calling. It’s fine. Whatever dude. You are just proving my point.

But last night he took it a step too far with one of my friends – completely unwarranted. All my friend had done was point out the reasons some of the people had been shot/killed saying even if they were guilty the penalty for those alleged crimes should not be death.

*I’m having to paraphrase here to condense – this post will be long enough.*

Uncle B suggested something so heinous I won’t bother repeating it. Trust me. He went too far.

So I told him to go fuck himself. I did not immediately unfriend him because I wanted him to see my response. But that’s also when everyone else jumped on. There was a lot of back and forth and at one point Uncle B denied having ever said what I accused him of. Which I promptly screen capped and posted.

On the plus side, he did immediately apologize. To me. And essentially asked me to do the same “I can admit when I am wrong, can you?”.

As a matter of fact, I can admit when I am wrong. But I don’t see that I did anything wrong. He crossed the line, he called me some names, and I told him to fuck off. Just because he later realized he was wrong does not negate anything I said.

I told him he owed my friend an apology but instead he decided to delete his original comment which in turn deleted the entire thread. So all I had to do was unfriend and block him this morning and that’s over.

I wouldn’t have removed the post though. Because I stand by EVERYTHING I said. I stand by what my friends had to say. Even the one I disagreed with – I contacted her via IM and asked her to reconsider her comment as I felt it was off topic but I didn’t censor her. She told me she stood by her statement and that was that.

Frankly – I would have thought her comment was the one that would set him off but he didn’t even acknowledge her.

Here’s the thing. We have Freedom of Speech. It’s the point I was trying to make when I initially responded to his post. I can post whatever I like. And he can too. But don’t keep coming to my page to call me a racist or whatever other bizarro bullshit you come up with and not expect there to be consequences.

Not that I expect him to be especially saddened to no longer be my Facebook friend.

Also, just in case it needs to be said, I KNOW I am not an influencer. Nor do I want to be (unless it is to influence people to be better, then yes please and thank you). The title of this blog is tongue in cheek. No one is taking fashion or make up tips from me. I hope no one thinks I literally think I am an influencer.

I cannot – it’s just too funny to me. Please tell me none of the rest of you took me seriously. I know I explained the name of the blog in my first official blog post. But it has been a minute.

Moving on…

Halloween was a little sad. I’m still thrilled with how or decorations looked but I think we had maybe 4 Trick or Treaters. Not that I was surprised. We did meet some more of our new neighbors though. I think we are really going to like it here. Everyone is so friendly!

Sidebar: we also found out our next door neighbor is THE Mr. Jim. Founder of Mr. Jim’s Pizza. I just thought that was kind of neat.

We took down all of the Halloween décor on Sunday. I really tried to argue for sliding straight into Christmakuh this year but Rob vetoed it.

For the record, I have always been firmly in the no-Christmas-décor-until-thanksgiving camp. Sometimes I have put it up the weekend before if I’ll be travelling for Thanksgiving. Or if it is a late one.

But this year? Ugh. I think we all need a little Christmas.

And I’m really excited about some of the new décor I have!

Also I convinced Rob to celebrate Hanukah this year. He’s Jewish but non-practicing but I think it would be good to learn about it. It’s still a part of his history.

Plus, 8 more nights of presents? Sign me up!

I looked up traditional Hanukah gifts so I convinced him we could do those with price limits. It will be a fun tradition for us. I’ll keep you posted on how all that goes but I’m pretty psyched about it. I’m also planning to host a dinner though the guest list is probably going to be limited to just us, our kids, and probably Magan and Darrell (also because it was Magan’s idea).

Thanks again COVID.

Speaking of…I’m still trying to sort out birthday plans. I’ve found out you can rent a theatre fairly inexpensively – at least according to the websites – so I’ve reached out to a few to see if any are available. This way I could still see some of you while maintaining a semblance of social distancing.

It won’t be a ‘50s cocktail party, but the ‘50s may still be involved.


It’s Election Day. A day I have been looking forward to for 4 years with hope and dread. I can honestly say that I am surprised we made it. I still prickle at the thought of all those that told me “we survived Obama, you’ll survive Trump”.

I survived. But so many others didn’t. Was he directly responsible? Maybe not. But he certainly has done nothing to prevent it either.

I still remember how devastated I was 4 years ago. I mean, I literally lost my faith in humanity that day. I’ve gotten it back, a little at a time, but I was a little bit broken that day. And it took me a while to get out of that funk.

But it also woke me up. If there is one good thing I can say about Trump, it is that his election galvanized me and many like me to become more involved in politics. I have voted in every election since (frankly before I just voted in the Presidential elections). He has made me pay more attention to the world around me.

He woke me up. I knew about white privilege and anti-LGBTQ and police brutality and racism but I was naïve and thought we were doing better. His election opened my eyes to the truth.

But I’ve learned what I can from him. It’s time to get an intelligent adult back into our country’s highest office. So we can re-earn the respect of the world and once again actually make America great.

OK so my lunch break is over. I have a lot of work to keep my mind off things. I’ll be pouring a stiff drink at 5:00.

See you tomorrow.

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