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Self-Quarantine Diary: Day Twelve?

Or do I have to start the count all over because I went to the hospital?

Remember in my last post how I said it was semi-determined that I possibly maybe had a kidney issue?

It's been determined.

Everything was going fine. I'd had minor pain over the weekend - nothing a couple Excedrine Migraine (that's my go to pain killer even if it isn't a headache) couldn't fix. I even had a relaxing that I didn't work. I only had one file to do when I clocked out on Friday so I didn't bother checking in all weekend.

I like to keep my work day strictly 8-5 Monday through Friday when I can.

But we are slammed busy right now. There may be a global pandemic going on, but people are still buying houses. Which is good since my job sort of depends on that.

So Monday was pretty crazy busy. I was assigned 3 more files over the weekend. And while I know this means nothing to you, here's what it boils down to for me.

I have 24 hours to review a file and update the borrower and loan officer on any outstanding conditions once the file comes out of underwriting (and is assigned to me). On average, I probably take 4 hours to complete a new file review. Some go faster, like if the loan officer is really good or there are no complications, and some take longer, but I think 4 hours is a pretty safe average. That also factors in the inevitable interruptions I get through out the day.

Do this now. Have you done it yet? Why haven't you done this yet? Now I'm telling on you because you aren't responding to me. Frequently these emails come in rapid succession. Like 5 minutes apart.

I feel like there is a labor joke waiting to be born here.

LOL see what I did? OMG at least I'm laughing.

ANYway, Monday's are already a typically busy day because that seems to be when a lot of loan officers will work or borrowers respond to your email requests. So in addition to my 4 files I need to review (which is probably 16 hours of work), I have an overwhelming number of emails that need to be responded to so loans can close on time. I can't ignore them.

It was a busy Monday. I even worked late. Until about 7:00. That's when my back started hurting again.

At first I thought I would just pop some Excedrine, lay down, and make a note to make an appointment in the morning. Unfortunately it rapidly became obvious I would not be able to wait.

I made an appointment for the urgent care near me because I didn't want to go to the ER if it wasn't necessary. Well, not an appointment exactly. I signed up for a time to get in line - which was 8:00. I was told not to leave my home until they called. Except the pain was starting to get really bad and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to drive myself if I didn't leave soon.

Right as I was walking up they called me - and by the time I got to the check in desk I was kind of having a hard time breathing because of the pain. And they told me they couldn't help me and said I should go to the ER.

This is when I started crying. It hurt so bad and they weren't willing to even try to help me and I was so scared I would get to the ER and it would be crowded or something.

Not to mention the pain was getting pretty intense and I'm fairly certain I should not have been driving in my condition.

But it wasn't crowded. There was barely anyone there. And they got me on an IV - with some pain meds - pretty quickly. An x-ray and CT scan later and it was confirmed I had a 7mm (later confirmed to be 8mm - not that I'm bragging) kidney stone and that because of the size they would not let me go home. Some form of medical intervention would be required.

I called Rob who kindly brought my phone charger, toothbrush, and some food (I had to eat by midnight and it was already 11:00). And I spent the night in the hospital.

So that was fun.

Not really. The pain drugs took the edge off but it still hurt. And I couldn't sleep all night. At least there was a Harry Potter marathon on. It was probably noon before I finally spoke to the doctor that said he could try to vibrate it away or surgically remove it. Vibration being less invasive, that's the option I chose.

So he turned the stone to dust and a couple of hours later I was able to call Rob to take me home. So the plus side of all this is I was able to see Rob and he even stayed a couple hours after bringing me home.

The down side is I am terrified of what the hospital bill is going to look like. At least I'm getting over-time. But I did have to miss two days of work putting me woefully behind schedule. Also the pain pills make me pretty sleepy so I can't really take them during the work day which means I'm still hurting a little. At least it is more of a bruised and battered pain than a being stabbed from the inside pain.

Because of the pandemic, they are being a little more relaxed on our service times but I still hate going over. I still have 2 files to do so I will probably put in a full day of work tomorrow.

Welp. Not like there's anything else to do.

So all this brings up the question: do I have to start my quarantine count over from when I got back from the hospital? I know it isn't important in the grand scheme of things, I'm just curious what you think. For posterity.

I can't be all work so last night I started watching Tiger King on Netflix. Everyone else is doing it and I saw some memes and thought...I need to see this.

It sort of defies explanation. It's a documentary about a gay polygamist tiger zoo owner. And there's a murder for hire plot. And a crazy big cat lady in Florida that says what these private zoo owners do is wrong (for the record I don't disagree with her) but yet she's doing it too? Also, of the 3 zoos/sanctuaries shown, Big Cat Rescue (hers) looked the worst to me.

Did I mention crazy big cat lady's millionaire husband disappeared without a trace? And if you think I just spoiled the series for you, you're wrong.

It's weird. Like if this was a movie you would assume it was a spoof or something except these are all real people and this is really their life.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. It might just be the distraction you need in your life right now.

Want to know my secret? These are my day AND my night pajamas. #quarantineselfie

How is working from home going for everyone? I know many small business owners, wedding industry folks, and restaurant/bar workers that are having a tough time right now. A lot of those things can't really translate to work from home.

But how about the office workers? What do you think of working from home? Do you love it? Hate it? Was your job able to be converted to work from home? Or are you one of the lucky (very) few that is just taking an extended weekend with pay?

I ask because (a) I wonder what it is like for those that didn't ever want to work from home and (b) because nothing has changed for me really.

The main difference for me is that we are super busy and overtime is available. Which I don't normally embrace because I need a break from work. But since I can't really do much - except binge watch bizarro shit - I'll take as much OT as I can get. For as long as I can get it.

And I will continue to stay hunkered down. I have plenty of food and toilet paper. I still wish I had more sweets though...

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