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Spooky Season has arrived!

Disclaimer: I'm aware some of you started Spooky Season in September and I am not here to judge. If I hadn't had surgery two weeks ago, this would probably have been posted earlier.

Also for the curious, a quick health update. I am recovering nicely from the gallbladder removal. I've got a much better range of motion already though I do still hold onto my stomach if I laugh, cough, or sneeze. I'm being very careful so as to not over do it but I'm ready to be all better!

Though if I'm being honest, this has had very little impact on my day to day as I am STILL unemployed.

Don't get me started.

Earlier this week I broke out the Halloween decor for the inside of the house. And can I just tell you? I really feel like I am #nailingit this year!

If you have known me for at least 12 months then you know that I really like to embrace Halloween decor, especially outside. I made a huge spider when I lived in Hutto and honestly it was one of my proudest accomplishments.

That and winning first place in the neighborhood decorating contest with said spider.

But when 2019 happened I had to leave it behind - he went to a good home. I gave him to Ray our lawn guy who had helped me attach him to the roof the year before.

So when Rob and I bought this house, I knew I wanted to make an even better one now that practice was out of the way. But the big shock for me was Rob wanted to help, not just take the glory.

So we built Boris! And we have plans to make an even bigger one when budget allows.

Also I have no idea where we would store it but Rob really wants to go bigger.

Where was I?

Oh - so I go big for outside and I have a few things scattered about inside but I always felt inside was a little of a let down. It was cute, but sparse.

But every year I add a little bit more to my collection and even with little to no budget this year I have managed to supplement with a few new things and I really feel like I've fleshed it out a bit more.

Thanks largely in part to the combined efforts of Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot.

Also not dusting is part of the Spooky Season aesthetic, right?

This is my favorite #potions I have ever done.

Probably my second favorite area this year.
Splurged and bought new black plates at - you guessed it - Dollar Tree !

I never quite decorate the same way twice. I think it is fun to try to find unexpected ways to use things. This isn't everything, and there is still outside to do, but this is a good taste.

Full disclosure, I usually spend more on adding to my seasonal decor. But I also don't usually go to the Dollar Tree. I really think they are stepping up their game! And if you can't find what you are looking for at the first one, just go around the corner to the next. They are everywhere!

Also a gentle reminder that you can order online and have it shipped to your local store. You have to buy an entire box of whatever you are purchasing but that isn't always as much as you might think it is.

PS NOT a paid endorsement. I'm just a fan.

I'm definitely trying to stay away from some of my favorite Halloween haunts - just last week I had to run an errand and I passed by a Home Goods on my way home!

OK. I did have a moment of weakness when I moved over to stop but I talked myself out of it.

I wasn't happy about it but I did it.

And then I came home and told Rob because I needed him to appreciate what an accomplishment that was!

Happy haunting!

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