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The Last Day

I'll admit, I'm a little nervous.

I have been at my current job for almost 4 years - and that's practically an eternity in mortgage. Mortgage people have a tendency to shift around a lot. Sometimes you stay with your core group, other times you branch out for one reason or another.

I have closed 485 loans here. I closed 16 loans this month already with 4 more already clear to close.

And yes, I have been unhappy recently due to the immense volume and lack of upper management support. There's been a lot of big talk about ways to help lighten the load but then they have just piled on more and more responsibilities instead. I get that no one expected this boom due to COVID-19 and probably all levels within the company are overwhelmed.

But knowing that, doesn't make me feel any less overwhelmed.

I've also been struggling with money practically the entire time I have been here. I only very recently got the smallest hint of a raise after more than 3 years. And I mean small - it wasn't even enough to cover my rent increase when I renewed my lease.

And each time I would ask for a raise, the answer was the same - close more loans. But I have 2 problems with that. #1 I want to be able to make ends meet on my salary so that my bonus is just that. A bonus. And #2 I can only close as many files as I am assigned. I have no control over that.

For the record, I will miss some people. Especially my manager Lisa. She's been invaluable to me over the course of the last year and honestly was the main reason I stayed as long as I did.

So between the current overwhelming pipeline and the ridiculous lack of pay, when Erin asked if I would be interested in talking to Pam...well let's just say her timing couldn't have been better.

I worked with both of them several years ago when I was still trying to break into processing. I respect and admire them both. I am extremely flattered they thought of me when looking for a new remote processor (I don't even care if I was number 20 on the list, I'm just glad to be on the list).

I don't know what the future holds, but I am very excited to start my next chapter.


In other news, we found the perfect house. I mean, it just needs some paint perfect.

Unfortunately, someone else thought so too and I guess they offered more money. We are the back up offer though so if the current buyer backs out, we are in.

Feels wrong for me to hope they change their minds or financing falls I won't. But I won't exactly be sad either.

We are continuing our search but now every house is being compared to that one. And none of them come close.


The good news is - Rob sold his house!

The bad news is - Rob sold his house!

Now we really need to find one and the clock is ticking. He can always move in with me if needed, but it wouldn't be ideal. Whatever it takes though, right?

I hope everyone is continuing to be safe and healthy. I really wish I could give you all a hug...but a virtual hug will have to do.

Wish us luck!

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