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To Theme or Not to Theme

THAT is the question.

Anyone that knows me for more than 5 minutes knows that I LOVE a theme party. Especially once you get out of sort of need an excuse to party, don't you?

Although I would also argue every day is worth celebrating but I know some people need an excuse.

Anyway, I love a theme. I think it is so fun to create an event around a central element - decor, food, music, and clothing. When the boys were little I could at least plan their birthday parties around a theme. It is socially acceptable. Heck - it's expected. But for some reason once you become an adult, most people stop having theme parties. But I ask why?

Whenever I announce I am hosting a theme party I'm usually met with a small amount of enthusiasm and a lot of groans.Too often people complain because they don't want to dress up.

I'm sorry. Am I trying to make you have fun?

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again... I am firmly on the side of if you attend a theme party and don't make even a minimal effort at a costume, it's just rude. Wearing even a thematic t-shirt is acceptable. Fun fact: costumes are great conversation starters when you don't know everyone at a party.

Also fun fact: photos are much more fun when everyone has participated in the theme.

Don't get me wrong. If I've invited you then I obviously still want you there. But I will be judging you if you show up in plain clothes. I might even make you wear something from my closet.

I've been back in the Metroplex for 6 months as of today. And in that 6 months I have attended 4 theme parties. This makes me indescribably happy. Mostly because I know that when I host a theme party, I'll be met with more enthusiasm here.

2019 theme far.

Side note: I can't believe it has been 6 months already. And I can't believe how far I have come in that time.

The first one was for Matt's birthday and it was Stages of Cages themed. As in Nicolas Cage. And don't tell me you wouldn't have been able to go because you didn't have anything to wear. I spent $20 on a Hawaiian shirt at Target but I definitely could have gone more budget friendly had I gone to a thrift store. I wore that and a white tank top with jeans. Bam! H.I. from Raising Arizona. Frankly a lot of his costumes involved jeans and a white tank top/wife beater - minor accessories could take it from Raising Arizona to ConAir to Moonstruck to Ghostrider...seriously - easy costume for $20 or less.

The next theme was Elliot's Luau. Again, I spent a little because I bought some leis and I made a grass skirt but I could have easily gone just wearing my sundress and been perfectly on theme. Or my bathing suit and a cover up. Hell I could have recycled the Hawaiian shirt from before with shorts. No money necessary.

I'll admit I splurged for the next party...Chuy's Pajama Party. For starters - nothing I sleep in is appropriate for public consumption. So naturally I went online and purchased an inexpensive shorts pajama set. No big deal and I have already slept in it so money well spent. The splurge came by way of the dramatic, glamorous, gorgeous, and completely unnecessary but deeply desired peignoir. I wish it hadn't cost so much but I do not regret it. Comes in 22 colors. I want them all. But that party didn't have to cost me anything. That was my choice.

And finally we had Bill's '80s party. If there is a theme I love above all others, it is probably '80s. I didn't buy anything for that one. In fact, that dress is one I actually wear now. I realize - perhaps - that my '80s obsession means I may have more than the average person's stockpile of options but I'd suggest that a trip to just about any thrift store and you could have an equally fun outfit.

My point is - and I do have one - is not having something to wear or it costing too much really shouldn't be a valid excuse for not attending in costume. If you don't want to go, just say so. But saying you have nothing to wear isn't really a good excuse.

Our next party coming up is 1920s themed and yes - I spent some money on my dress. But I have always wanted to have a fringe dress and this was the perfect occasion. In fact, this party will probably be my most expensive costume but I intend to wear it for Halloween if there is a party - and if not this year, then next. And I'm still holding out hope someone will have a Gatsby themed NYE party this year. But there were more affordable options online - I just happened to like the one I bought the best and I think it was worth a little extra. Admittedly though, there are probably few people that can grab something out of the closet for this party.

There are other themes on the horizon. I probably won't have a party for my birthday this year just because Rob's is the week before mine. I'm thinking dinner with anyone that wants to join followed by drinks at the Pub. But I'll leave out the theme.

This time.

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