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COVID Update

Rob and I both want to thank everyone that has been checking on us. It really means a lot.

To get it out of the way, I remain unaffected. I've had no symptoms as of yet and I have not bothered to be tested. I'm not going anywhere anyway.

Rob spends most of his time in the guest room but when we are in the same room I wear a mask and we stay very far apart. I have a harder time keeping a mask on him.

For the curious, he is sort of doing better? His temperature remains elevated but usually below 100 now. I ordered a pulse oximeter from Amazon last weekend and have been keeping an eye on his oxygen levels. They usually only drop when he moves around.

That said, the coughing, aching, exhaustion has kicked in full force. He's actually felt worse the last couple of days. He has not worked at all in over a week - he spends most of his time sleeping.

He also still has his smell and taste but has no appetite. And this is where I start to get bitchy.

Trying to get him to eat ANYTHING is like I have just shoved a plate full of week old moldy brussels sprouts in front of a picky toddler. I've barely gotten him to eat more than an English muffin. Today I had the audacity to suggest putting peanut butter on it so he could have some protein and he acted like I said put poo on it or something.

What is so wrong with peanut butter on an English muffin? (For the record, he does like peanut butter)

He finally conceded to eat an egg scramble with the muffin so I hope that helps. It's no wonder he has no energy - he isn't giving his body any fuel.

So this is where I got yelly. I get it. You are sick. But your body still needs food. And yeah, maybe I'm being a little selfish here but it isn't like it's for completely selfish reasons.

I want him better. I feel so helpless. He feels miserable and I can't make it better.

I need him better.

And I know food doesn't fix everything but I can't help but think it can't hurt here.

*had to take a short break because Magan just dropped off a homemade lasagna and a cherry pie for me! I'd say us, but see above.

So for us, Christmas is postponed a week. Here's hoping he feels well enough by then. I've told Xander I will sanitize the bedding and scrub down that room for them...and when we are all in the same room we will probably want to wear masks as an abundance of caution.

I also told him I would completely understand if they want to put it off longer.

In the meantime, my decorations are staying up. I'll continue to bake - even if it is just for me.

And I'll keep trying to force feed him something more substantial than carbs.

Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and happy Christmas.

At least the stockings are hung...

PS I do have a tree up but it is in the other room and we aren't spending much time in there as it is a more confined space.

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