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Emergency Commercial Post

This is not a sponsored post, I sourced and paid for all items out of pocket - but if you like what you see and use one of my links, I may receive some financial compensation.

I have to share with you my recent purchases.

Yes I am still largely unemployed. Yes I still need money. Please don't judge me.

It's taken a few years, but Rob and I have finally combined our family phone plans. It's something we discuss every few months but never really did anything about. I had no particular loyalty to AT&T but also discussing phone plans makes my eyes glaze over.

So I asked for Duncan's help.

It was determined that the smartest option would be for the boys and I to join them over at T-Mobile. Which we finally did last Friday. In the process, Zach and I were able to upgrade our phones for free (well I paid a little extra for a slightly larger phone because I already have a hard time reading on my phone).

And you know what that means? It means I needed another phone case!!!

One thing about me is I get decision paralysis when it comes to phone cases. If I could, I would probably have a huge collection - at a minimum I would have a themed one for every month. But I also hate spending money on phone cases so the most I usually do is I *might* get a Christmas one.

I found a few I liked and couldn't decide which ones to get so Rob told me to get them all.

(Don't believe him if he denies it.)

I'm not super crazy - the September and November cases are the same. See? I'm saving money!

For September and November I went with a pretty leaf motif. It's just a cheap $10 case, but it protects my phone enough (I also got the screen protector at T-Mobile so I'm protected via that). I also like that the case is clear with the design printed on it so my pretty lavender phone shows through.

Because of course I got the lavender phone. Are you surprised by that?

And I like having something to grasp like a ring or Pop Socket so I found this one that feels non-descript autumn-y and I think it works well enough. Yes there's bats and ravens so it could lean more Halloween-y but I don't think it is overt.

A word from our sponsor about Pop Sockets: just kidding, I already told you I'm not sponsored in anyway. I think the Pop Socket is a great product. In theory you can just switch out the heads. But the problem is they don't sell just the heads (at a reduced price because that would make sense) or at least I haven't found them yet. If they did I *might* be more inclined to have a generic case and just switch out the PSs.

LOL who am I kidding? One generic case for the entire year?

Anyway, I do think they are a little pricey at $14.99 each but what else am I supposed to do?

Do not say don't buy them.

Then obviously October has to have a special case because HALLOWEEN. I found this cute one (full disclosure I actually thought it was printed on a white background but I like it even better now that I know it is clear. No I did not read the full item description - I saw Halloween and said "want that!"). And then I found this Pop Socket and I liked that it was bats (reminded me of Austin) and bright pink because pink is my favorite color and I thought I would like the pop of color. (I was right.) Plus this one was only $11.72 so it's like it was meant to be.

And finally Christmas. I bought the same red sparkly case I bought last year because I knew it would be a good background for any Christmas themed PS. It was only $12.99 and I knew I would like it. In fact I also had it in pink for my everyday case.

Now if you start searching holiday themed Pop Sockets you will see how difficult my decision was. But when I found a working SNOWGLOBE my search was over. It is so sticking cute I think I actually squealed with joy when I received it. Honestly I thought $14.98 was a steal for this one since it is a functioning snowglobe - I would have easily paid $20 for it.

So without further ado, here are my three new cases:

I'm ready for #spookyseason. #andChristmas #alwaysChristmas

I know I have no business spending money on frivolous things right now, but the amount of joy I will get every time I look at these will be worth it.

Wait. Do I need one for Hannukah?

In other news, my hospital bill finally hit so I can schedule my gallbladder surgery. It won't be free but it will be considerably less. And hopefully I won't have to pay as much out of pocket tomorrow when I go to get my other skin cancer removed. It still sucks and I still have to figure out how to pay the $6500 that was the deductible but at least I can finally get some things taken care of that I've been putting off. Time to do ALL THE THINGS!

I still wouldn't mind winning the lottery though.

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