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Quick lunchtime blog update:

I nearly let this month end without an official grateful post. And I know this has been a hard year on all of us - and definitely some more than others. I've been incredibly lucky so far. 2020 has actually been pretty good to me.

I still have my health - as do Rob and all of our kids. We had a scare last week about Duncan. He was exposed to COVID at work and got pretty sick but his test was negative, just the flu. Unfortunately he was still banned from Thanksgiving but Rob did take him a bunch of leftovers.

A couple of friends have tested positive for COVID. One was sick but seems to be on the road to recovery. The other has had no symptoms but tested because other members of her bubble were exposed...and she has it. So far, still no symptoms. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And that is why COVID is so scary. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones that has it but has no symptoms. You are just a carrier. Maybe more people have had it than we know. But that's why we still isolate and wear masks.

Yes, I am very tired of the masks. And the social distancing. But it's worth it if that is what it takes to keep everyone healthy.

I turned 50. It still feels weird saying that. And being it. But there it is. Half a century. And though I feel like I aged 10 years in 2019, I am still proud of my age. I see no reason to try to hide it. Besides, I get to turn 50 again next year right?

I started taking #birthdayselfies before getting out of bed a couple of years ago. Here is #50

I heard that since none of us really got to celebrate this year we all get do-overs next year. I saw it on Facebook so it has to be true, right? 51 will be the new 50.

We celebrated my half century with a quiet evening with Darrell and Magan. We went to dinner and then solved a murder and watched Grease. Magan had a beautiful and delicious cake made for me. It wasn't the 50s cocktail party I have been dreaming about for the last year. Or even watching Grease on the big screen with a few of you as I had planned for the last couple of weeks. But it was still a celebration and I am grateful for it.

Also I know a lot of people are on the social media is bad bandwagon. And I won't say it is perfect or all good. But I am so grateful for Facebook specifically for putting me in touch with old friends I had lost touch with over the years. And even if I only chat with some one them once a year, I am so thankful that I have that opportunity. I think just like with any technology it can be used for good or bad, I just still see more good coming from it.

And one more thing, thank you to everyone that donated to my birthday charity fundraiser for Operation Kindness. It's an organization near and dear to my heart and I'm so excited we met my goal the first day. It's not too late to donate know, in case you forgot.

There's still a week to go - can we double it?

I really do have much to be thankful for, and that's not to brag. Last year was a new low for me. It picked up in July and life's been getting steadily better. 2020 hasn't been what ANY of us pictured. That's not a secret. But Rob and I bought a house, we both still have our jobs, and we managed to get a short little vacay in just before the pandemic hit. Most of my friends are at least healthy, and after this year, maybe that's all we can ask for?

To be clear, I miss traveling and parties and friends and my fervent wish is that the vaccines don't turn us all into zombies so we can enjoy all of those things again soon.

For now, I would just like to post this little reminder to myself of all I have to be thankful for. And that is mostly my friends and family. I have a man that loves me. My kids are healthy and happy. We have a lovely home, jobs, and a little bit of money in the bank. Biden will be President.

I know things won't get better overnight but things are looking up. And that's something to be grateful for too, isn't it?

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