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Have work? Will travel!

Guess where I am RIGHT now!

I'm in a hotel room in San Antonio! Why? Because I just spent another weekend on a organizing gig!!

Karen has been extremely generous, bringing me down to San Antonio for the second time to get some hours in for training purposes. Not that I need the training so much, but more the official experience as being on her team.

This was my second time at this location. I can't go into details but for the record this is a gorgeous home and a huge project that we will be working on for months. We are organizing many rooms and creating new systems for storing holiday decor, paperwork, catering supplies, and more. I feel so honored to be trusted to be a part of this process.

While the end goal is to build up the Dallas business, right now the work is primarily in San Antonio (though today we leave for Houston for another job!). It's really exciting to be in on the ground floor so to speak as I will be helping her to develop her Dallas business.

Which leads me to another shameless plug (and it likely won't be the last) - if you or anyone you know is in need of a professional organizer, please let me know. Obviously I am currently specifically looking for Dallas area but we are willing to travel anywhere we are needed.

No job too big or too small either. We can even help with move management!

Personally I love all aspects of the organizing. The first step is usually a general sort - let's use holiday decor as an example.

So the first thing we do is sort by the holiday. Next I would call a macro sort - it might be indoor vs outdoor decor, dishes, gift wrap, etc. Then we micro sort each of those wrap for example might then be sorted by wrapping paper, bags (then by size), tissue paper, ribbons, gift toppers. And if you really want to super micro sort - maybe you sort the ribbons and tissue by color (I know I would).

And then when everything is neatly sorted the real fun begins - putting the organizational system into place. That's my zen.

Maybe that's the title of my book - Zen and the Art of Organization.

Seriously though. Life is so much calmer when everything is in it's place. I might thrive in the chaos of a wedding but I need my surroundings to be tidy.

Anyway, since we are in San Antonio I've gotten to spend some time with Xander and Savreet so that's been a nice bonus. We all went to dinner Friday night - Lupe Tortilla of course. After work on Saturday, Xander and Savreet picked me up and we went to dinner at Tarka.

Side note: can someone please bring Tarka to Plano? I really miss it!

After dinner they took me back to their place and I got to see Apollo and even pet him (he's very shy with strangers).

Sunday is a non-work day but we did meet up with several of the other SA team members for Pickleball. I did not play - not only am I not yet fit enough to play, but frankly I am not coordinated enough. So I appointed myself staff photographer and cheerleader.

At some point this cute boy - maybe 10? - came running up to me to tell me his mom loves my hair. She is recovering from a recent surgery so she was walking slowly so I went to meet her.

Her name is Charlotte and she told me her favorite color is purple - and that she has sort of a spidey-sense about spotting purple in any given room. On this particular day she first noticed one of our teammates wearing a purple shirt and then she said she saw me and gasped! Her husband and son then immediately knew to look for the purple.

We talked for a bit and she shared with me that she'd had a difficult childhood and one day she got a sparkly purple pencil from a prize box and it made her smile. Made her happy. And ever since then, purple has been her favorite color - and she looks for purple to remind her about joy in life. (I think I have those details right)

Anyway, she thanked me for being the purple in her day and asked if we could take a photo together. And I wanted to share that with you as a reminder to find whatever sparks joy in your life everyday.

If you can't find the purple in your day, be someone else's purple. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Charlotte!

We met up with Xander and Savreet for dinner and Karen's son Seth joined us. Seth is on the same path as Xander - he's currently at UTD getting his degree in Psychology and intends to go to UTSA for his Master's Degree - so we wanted to connect the two of them.

Yesterday we were supposed to work at the same client as Saturday but she decided she needed a break (she's having to make a lot of purge decisions) so Karen, Shelli, and I worked from the Airbnb talking about and making plans on how to promote business in both SA and Dallas - and what I need to do in order to make this a full time job.

I cannot put into words how excited I am about all this.

Last night I finally saw Barbie with Xander and Savreet...for what it's worth, I LOVED it. Also we decided to move to a hotel for our last night here.

Anyway, I haven't be home since Friday. The next couple of days are going to be super busy and then I'm headed to Austin for the weekend to celebrate my dear friend Misty's birthday.

It's been a fun week of hard work - and there's more to come - but I'm so happy. And it will be even better when I can do this without having to travel.

So give me a call, text, email or IM and let's get organized!

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