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HUMAN Rights

I know the people that really need to hear this won't even read it but...this is why I cried in November 2016.

This is why me - and millions of other people - were distraught when Trump won the election. I cannot tell you how many of his supporters - or simply people that just "couldn't" vote for Hillary - told us our fears were unfounded.

I was blowing things out of proportion.

We have checks and balances.

Do we?

Do we really?

Because the Supreme Court just sent all women back to January 21, 1973.

This is why we cried when RBG died.

I am at a loss. I thought we were founded on a separation of church and state? Isn't that what was established in the first amendment? So if that's true, then why is religion dictating our laws?

Because that is what it boils down to. Religious Right is dictating what is legal in this country.

There is absolutely zero legal basis for once again making abortion illegal. The only objection is because some religions - not even all - are against it.

Disclaimer - I am not a lawyer and I don't really know if there is zero legal basis but I've certainly have only ever heard religious objections.

And that's fine. If your religion dictates that abortions are wrong, then don't have one. But why are you taking away other women's rights?

I've had an abortion. I don't talk about it and I'm not going to here. What I will say is it was a decision I agonized over. It was not made lightly. I don't recommend it if you can avoid it. But it was the right one for me at the time and I do not regret it.

Do not think this is a decision any woman makes lightly. It doesn't matter if she was raped, or her health is at risk, or if it just isn't the right time for her.

It is HER decision.

Why is your religion telling me what I can and cannot do?

What about Freedom of Religion? Are they going to start coming for that next? Will we have to be branded as not Christian or convert?

Or will they also take away my other rights? Can I still have credit in my name? Will I lose my house? Am I still allowed to work?

Did you know that prior to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974, banks could refuse women a credit card? Or require a husband's signature?

19 fucking 74.

To be clear, when I was born, a woman could not open credit in her name alone.

LOL Suzanne. Stop being so dramatic.

But am I?

Am I really being dramatic? Or am I looking at what is yet to come?

But you're probably right. I'm sure they will come for my gay and trans friends first. Got to make sure we strip them of their rights too.

We must humiliate the people before we start going after the rest of their rights. First show them they are less than.

Mark my words, they will be coming for "gay" marriage and other rights soon. Which I would once again point out has only RELIGIOUS objections.

If you think marrying someone the same gender as you is wrong, then don't do it. We have fought for so long and so hard for equal rights. #loveislove

Should my niece bump up her wedding plans? How long before the Supreme Court knocks that down? And if you are married while it is legal, what happens if it becomes illegal? What happens to those marriages?

You know they might then turn to interracial marriages - that could be on the agenda too. Interracial marriages have only been legal since January 26, 1965. If that gets overturned, what happens to those couples?

Hell - that's not even religion based - that's just full blown racism. Like I don't even know what else to say about that.

Xander and Savreet are an interracial couple - should they be concerned about whether or not they will be able to legally get married some day (if they want, no rush on my side)?

They are already facing objections to their relationship from her family, will they potentially face legal issues as well?

I hope I am being overly dramatic, but I fear I am not. I fear what's next. Overturning Roe v Wade opens a lot of potential.

But by all means, let's protect gun owners and their automatic weapons.

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2022

I am absolutely livid and sick to my stomach. I knew Trump being president would be the downfall of this country, and I hold every single person who voted for anyone other than Hillary responsible in some way, because if you voted for some Republican candidate who had no chance of winning, just because you didn't want Trump but wouldn't vote for her come hell or high water, then you absolutely voted for Trump. Those who still support him - they are imbeciles and a danger to our country. That is their right, of course, but it is my right to keep them out of my life if I so choose. Mitch McConnell is the devil. He blocked an hones…

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