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It was a Good Day

Originally published on Facebook on 04/06/2019

I feel like since good days have been in short supply this year, this one is worth documenting.

It started with a light workload day. That means I was able to be completely caught up by 10am. We’ve been really busy lately so there were a few things organizationally that I was falling behind on - it feels really good to be on top of it again.

Xander had his follow up and everything looks good. The doctor isn’t requiring chemo or radiation...just keeping a close eye on things for a while. Finally something truly good has happened.

My manager approved my two week vacation request! Magan and I have been psuedo-planning a trip to London for a few years. It was supposed to be a couples trip...but I decided I wasn’t going to let him take that away from me (to be fair, he has offered me the use of his business miles to reduce the cost of my ticket without which I probably would not be able to go). I have some money set aside that I recently inherited and I have decided to use it for my trip. I think Uncle Jody would like that. Since I don’t know if I will ever get back to Europe, I decided to extend the week Magan and I had planned and try to visit my girls in Germany and my friend in France. It will be a whirlwind with only a couple of days in each stop but I think I can do it. Now I just have to figure out the logistics.

I’m excited about a project. Among the hundreds of things I miss, my backyard oasis is certainly among the top. It’s a project I’d been dreaming of for YEARS and finally spent the last 3.5 years bringing that vision to life. And now I live in an apartment so bye backyard oasis. But I’ve been inspired by by a friend and her apartment balcony upgrade so I have decided to do one of my own. It may take a while but I plan to start on it this weekend. I’ll probably spend more than I should considering this is hopefully a temporary home but I still need it to feel like home.

Then to top off my evening, Magan and I went to the Clue Movie Party at the Alamo Drafthouse (I’m so glad Drafthouse is in Dallas now). It was a quote along but I realized I haven’t seen that movie in maybe 15 years so my memory was a little rusty. But it was still fun and it is always great to be out with friends.

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