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Room of Requirement

So it isn't quite as funny having that sign on the guest room door as it was on the bathroom, but it still fits.

This room needed the least amount of work really. The mural was so cool I just decided to work with it instead of painting over it. Here's a reminder of the before.

How could I paint over that? #Icouldnt

So we did paint the non-muraled walls a coordinating color. And then basically just unleashed all of our nerd.

Spoiler alert: it's actually not everything. Yet.

The bedding is all new and I couldn't resist getting the house pillowcases. The bed itself is new but it's my old mattress. I used his living room endtables for the night stands and my old lamps. And I finally framed these cool posters Sandira gave me a few years ago. I probably should have hung them a little higher but it's fine.

PS that's Slytherin's locket hanging on the closet door. #RAB

I might re-paint that dresser but the color works so maybe I'll just leave it as is. I couldn't resist the candle holders - it reminded me of Snape's potion test from book one but you wouldn't know about that if you've only seen the movies.

I also couldn't resist these trunks. The top two are new and the bottom one Rob already had. It just made me think of Hogwarts. I don't really know why I chose the starry curtains but the color is perfect and I love them. Also, the ceiling has glow in the dark stars on it from the previous occupant so it works.

This wall is looking a little empty, but don't worry. I still have more to hang.

I know JK Rowling is cancelled (although I hate the cancel culture). But we aren't giving her anymore money - we already had most of this. And bottom line, Harry Potter brought us together. Rob took a chance on me because I mentioned Harry Potter in my profile, and I took a chance on him for the same reason. And look at us now.

So who wants to come stay at our own little Hogwarts?

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