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September 2023

I's been a while.

September was a month. There were good things - Zach finally got his car back. We had dinner dates with Rob's mom. I finally got some of those medical things taken care of...

That's the main reason I've been radio silent.

I finally hit my health insurance deductible, so I was able to proceed with some of the procedures I'd been putting off.

I had my mammogram (#fortanya). Happy to report no issues. Ladies please get yours checked!

Finally had my throat checked out. I went in for a CT scan two weeks ago and then a couple of days later I had to have a swallow test. I've had a chronic sore throat ever since my tonsillectomy (8 years ago? - can't remember when exactly, I'm terrible at keeping up with my medical dates). And I did get it checked like a year later but the doc just said I needed to give myself more time to heal.

And while chronic sore throat is accurate, it is more about my inability to swallow - specifically when lying down at night. I don't have issues swallowing foods, and I'm fine with liquids as long as I don't try to gulp something. My problem is primarily - apologies in advance - swallowing mucus and saliva. Like I have to make a conscious effort to swallow my own saliva.

Do you think about it?

And it can be really difficult at night when I am laying down particularly if there is drainage.

Sorry. I know this is gross.

Anyway, I pretty much just live with it. I keep my bedside table well stocked with cough drops and I have to suck on one every night to relax my throat enough to let me sleep. And sometimes I have to wake up in the middle of the night and repeat the process. Often even.

And for those that didn't know, my father had throat cancer that went undiagnosed as just a sore throat for far too long that by the time they did discover it, it was too late. And then it evolved to lung cancer which is what ultimately did him in.

And before you ask, no he was not a smoker or a drinker.

So there's always been this little question in the back of my mind, could it be something more than just scarring from having my tonsils out (I'm still unclear on why having my tonsils out effects my ability to swallow).

And back in January/February I finally went to an ENT to get checked. And he stuck a camera up my nose and down my throat and said everything looked fine but given my family history he wanted to do the CT scan and swallow test. So I scheduled those.

And just a couple of days before I was to do them, I was laid off. And my portion of the procedures was over $1000 so I cancelled it. Well, postponed it. I always knew I would reschedule, I just didn't expect to take this long.

Anyway that's done. Preliminary results show I have reflux which could be causing the issue and a small esophageal hernia which might also be a contributor. But my doctor has yet to offer any guidance for either of those.

Evidently there is also something off about my thyroid and he wants me to get that checked first. So I've been referred to a GI which frankly confuses me since he is an ENT and I thought that was who you go to for thyroid issues. Or at least an endocrinologist. But I guess I will wait and see.

I just had to call and ask for the referral because no one has contacted me yet and are all doctor offices this incompetent? I guess if it was anything truly scary they would have acted faster but it is still rude to tell someone that something is off with their body and not do anything about it.

I still don't even know what's off. Was he alarmed because the right side is smaller than the left? Because that's because I am a lizard person and I apparently grow back body parts (it was removed in 2001).

Oh well.

But also let's hurry this up because I've hit all my deductibles this year so all medical procedures until the end of the year are free so if I need anymore surgeries, let's do this.

I'm not advocating for more surgeries, I just don't want to pay for them if needed.

Gallbladder removal was on 9/22 and it went well I guess. I have my 2 week check up next Monday so I hope to learn more then. I also had a liver biopsy done at the same time and I'm anxious for those results. I'm sure it is nothing but I would appreciate medical confirmation of that.

My surgery was laparoscopic which is supposed to mean less downtime and maybe it does but I did not think it was going to kick my butt as much as it did. I'm doing much better. It still hurts to yawn or cough but movement is much improved AND I am no longer sleeping in a semi upright position. The pain pills were doing a good job of knocking me out but they aren't doing that as well anymore so I probably won't take them again.

Did I tell you about my new job? That's because I still don't have one and this is getting ridiculous. I did have an email interview for a job last week that I'm still waiting to hear about so that's at least a little bit of progress. And it is fully remote too so keep your fingers crossed for me.

Or I swear I am about to start selling feet pics.

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03 oct. 2023

I would think an endocrinologist would be the one to see about thyroid issues. Do you have to have a referral from a doctor to see a specialist? I'm glad you're getting some things taken care of while your deductible is met, and I'm glad you are recovering from the gall bladder surgery. Even if it's endoscopic, your body still needs time to heal and two weeks is a fairly short time. Pain pills stay in your system for a while after you stop taking them, so if you're especially tired, they could be contributing to feeling that way, too. Yay for a clean mammogram and for Zach getting his car back!

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