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Wedding Wednesday - The Dress Saga Continues

*Disclaimer* In case you couldn't tell, this is a wedding centric post. If you are not interested, please move along and I will see you next time. <3

Although it's not really much of a saga as it is just unresolved. I still haven't sold my dress.

I listed it for sale on They do charge a fee to list but it seemed like a good and safe way to sell.

I first tried listing it with a very modest discount because why not try and get as much as possible, right? I mean, it's brand new! It's only been tried on, the tags are still on it, and it is unaltered.

After a couple of weeks with no action, I lowered the price $100. Couple more weeks and I lowered it again to be under $1000 in case that was someone's max price. Still nothing. And what's worse, my views on my listing have steadily declined.

Five weeks in and I got 13 views that week. And still no one has contacted me. So I decided to pay $15 extra to have my listing pinned to the home page for a week.

That week I got 21 views...and still no interest. So that definitely wasn't worth it. Oh well.

This week I am back to 13 views.

So I started doing some research. The consignment shops I found all want at least 50% of the sales price - so I would have to raise the price back up in order to make the minimum I want.

I also visited a few bridal forums and it seems the consensus is I'm still asking too much. Brides are saying it doesn't matter if it is brand new since it is essentially second hand. If they are looking for a "used" dress, they are expecting a deep discount. Like at least 50% off list.

So I've dropped the price again. And I updated my listing to include why I am selling it. And I don't regret going back and getting the dream dress once it came in because it is beyond perfect but I am incredibly annoyed at how much money I have now essentially spent on my wedding dresses and I'm only going to wear one of them.

The best I can do is pretend my dream dress cost a ridiculous amount of money and pretend like that was within budget because I don't even have high hopes for selling it for what my dream dress cost anymore.

Here's the listing - please feel free to share it:


A self portrait

In other news, I had a minor meltdown about our invitation envelopes.

Let me explain.

I was going for a more formal invitation in that I wanted an inner and outer envelope. So I ordered the coordinating envelopes with the invitations for the inner envelope. And I ordered special outer envelopes in what I thought would be the same color but wasn't but that's more on me than on zazzle.

The special outer envelopes took longer to come in, so one day when I didn't have a lot of work I sat here and addressed all the inner envelopes. Because why not?

I'll tell you why not. That was a terrible idea because as it turns out the inner envelopes are just a bit larger than the outer envelopes I ordered!

Had I not pre-addressed them, I could have used the inner as outer and been done with it. Everything matches, it's fine.

Except I did pre-address them. In my giant handwriting Susie and Steve. There is no salvaging them for use as outer envelopes. They are all trash.

Now a reasonable person would say it's not a big deal, you still have the special outer envelopes, no one will notice the inner envelope is missing.

Heck half the people seem to think the Save the Date magnets *were* the invitations.

And don't forget, the color is also slightly off. It isn't unnoticeable, but I know and understand no reasonable person will care.

But I am a Bride and as a result am not entirely reasonable.

Although quite a bit of time had passed since I received the special outer envelopes, Misty convinced me to contact zazzle and explain what happened. So I did. I didn't ask for anything, more I felt they should caution that the special outer envelopes are not to be used with an inner envelope.

But zazzle gave me a significant refund in the form of a credit AND a stackable discount code.

Are you on the edge of your seat? What did I decide to do?

I'm going to use the outer envelopes and I used the credit/discount code to order thank cards.

Because I may be unreasonable, but I am not wasteful.

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