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Year One - Paper

Rob beat me to it, and how can I begin to compete with what he wrote?

I can't - but here's my take...

Time goes by so slowly when you are in the middle of it, and yet when you look back, it goes by in the blink of an eye.

The first 6 months of 2019 were the absolute worst of my life. And longest. Not only do I hope to never repeat it, but my sincerest wish is that no one reading this ever feels that pain.

And I do sometimes wonder why I wasted so much time and so many tears on him. Especially in hindsight. I know I was mourning the loss of what I thought I had more than him, but still. *shudder*

But that pain was worth it because it brought me to Rob. It wasn't love at first sight. It was better. He was so patient with me. He said all the right things. He did all the right things. And it didn't take too long (just a blink) for me to realize that my Mr. Right Now was actually my Mr. Right.

And you still say all the right things. You still do all the right things. You aren't perfect (and lord knows I'm not either). But we are perfect together.

One year ago was one of the best days/nights of my life. Our wedding could not have been more perfect - it was a celebration of us as individuals, us as a couple, and our family and friends. I love looking back at those photos and reliving it.

The only thing that would make it better is if it was longer.

And free. Free would have been nice. ;)

It was the perfect beginning to our marriage. And here we are at our Paper Anniversary. And if you are still wondering if we are perfect for each other, I offer Exhibit A: Rob's gifts to me - one of our wedding photos made from the lyrics to our song AND the paper flower bouquet also made from song lyrics.

Exhibit B: my gift to Rob - a sound wave print and lyrics of our song on canvas. Yeah I cheated a little by printing on canvas instead of paper but that meant I didn't need to buy a frame. It's paper adjacent.

Fun fact: I measured so this could specifically go in the wallpapered space above our bed. And it fits perfectly...if I hang it on it's side. #giftfail

I am so lucky to have a partner that loves me like you do, that supports me like you do, and tolerates me like you do. You probably really should spoil me a little less but don't change a thing.;)

Thank you for *gestures at everything* babe - I love you.

How it started...#heldtogether Photo by Melanie Grizzel

How it ended.<3 Photo by Melanie Grizzel

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