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A Flappin’ Good Time

I’ve always been fascinated by the ‘20s. I can’t remember how or why my fascination started but I remember as early as 5th grade wanting to be a flapper for Halloween.

It didn’t happen. Not long after that I started getting my curves. And well, curves didn’t really seem to work with the flapper aesthetic.

But I still always wanted to buy a fringe-y dress and celebrate Gatsby style.

A little over a week ago I finally got my chance. Can you believe I was invited to not just one 1920s themed party, but two?

And would you believe they were both the same day?

Just my luck, huh?

But also what better excuse to go all out did I need? For quite some time I’ve been drooling over this website Go take a look.

I’ll wait.

Did you see? So many beautiful things. I pretty much want them all. And did you see the Barbie inspired clothes?

Can they all just magically appear in my closet? And in my size? And actually look good on me?

No? Oh well.

But also my birthday *is* coming up. Just saying.

So I found a gorgeous dress - black and silver with fringe and amazing Art Deco details.

And, even though I already own no less than 3 pairs of shoes that can pass for period appropriate, I had to buy a new pair. Obviously.

Oh. We’ve never discussed my shoe obsession. Maybe that’s another post some day.

DSW to the rescue. Accessory sets purchased on Amazon and my outfit was complete.

One of the best parts was my hair - I went and had it done in finger waves. It looked amazing and you can’t even tell in any of the photos. So you just have to take my word for it.

We went to Dallas Vintage for Rob’s costume. It was a combo of some things he had accentuated with new. I think we came out pretty good. What do you think?

Not the most flattering but it's the best photo I have to show off the full look. Aren't we cute?

It was a blast seeing everyone so dressed up! I definitely want to do that again. I really need someone to throw a Roaring ‘20s New Years Eve Party so I have an excuse to wear all this again.

Who’s in?

What else has happened? Work has been crazy busy but I am definitely back on the I need a part time job kick. Fingers crossed I'll be able to find something easily since it is that seasonal time of year. I should have started looking sooner but I hope to have something lined up before I go on my trip.

Which is in 1 week, 4 days, 13 hours, and 57 minutes. In case you were wondering.

I can't believe it is finally here! I can't believe I am going get to see some friends, and my girls, and I'm going to Scotland. I can't believe I managed to make it work.

I can't believe how much I still need to do to prepare!

I did buy some clothes for the trip - for the first time in at least the 12 years I've been on Facebook, I am actually prepared for colder weather. I had to take money out of my travel budget but I think that's fair. And I'm ahead of the curve for my New York trip in December so that's a bonus.

I also bought some sneakers for the trip. I'd been planning to wear these sneakers I love and wear all the time (and served me well walking all over New York) but it occurred to me that canvas shoes during rainy season would probably not be in my best interest.

Next I need to concentrate on outerwear. I'm sure you'll laugh at me - and I don't blame you - but I need to decide how many jackets to bring. I have some great coats purchased for my first London trip. One is lined and the other isn't. Do I bring both? And I should probably bring something lighter weight too just in case. Right?

And hats. Which hat(s) do I bring? Do I bother with a scarf or will that just be annoying?

The worse part of traveling for me is trying to pack light but also wanting choices. I'll figure it out - obviously - but I don't think I'm going to try to fit everything into just a carry on any more.

But also since the girls are coming to me in London, I don't need to try to pack *that* lightly anymore because I won't be traveling all over Europe by train. So there is that.

Have I mentioned that we are having tea at Kensington Palace? 'cause we are.

OK so it is at a cafe but it is on the palace grounds so it counts!

What else? Things with Rob continue to go well. Last night we went to dinner and then to Cidercade. It's a cool place with tons of video games and pinball machines. It costs $10 to get in but all the games are FREE to play. Or I guess I should say included. And they serve cider if you are into that but it turns out I am not.

And today we went to - let's call it brunch - at Lupe Tortilla. They serve breakfast now and it was incredibly delicious.

I don't know about you but I had a lazy day today. There was at least a dozen things I've been waiting to do and did I do them today?

No. I took a long nap.

Not really sorry about it either.

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