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EuroTrip Day Five

Today we took a day trip to Bath, so we had to catch an early train. The ride was about 1.5 hours and the scenery was perfect. It was very foggy but you could occasionally see through to quaint farms or fields of sheep. I tried to take some photos but I’m not sure it really came through.

Once in Bath we headed straight to the famous Roman Bath. It dates to at least 76 AD! It is also thought to be the largest Roman Bath and it is very big. The audio tour was super informative and maybe a wee long winded at times but it was really kind of awe-inspiring when you think about how old it is.

The water comes from a natural hot spring and according to legend the waters have healing properties. You can’t soak in the water anymore because it’s full of algae but you can still sample the healing waters (purified) if you like. I did sample it and it was kind of nasty but if I wake up with my foot healed it will have been worth it.

After that, we made our way over to the Pulteney Bridge. It is one of only 4 bridges in the world that is lined with shops. I have been to the Ponte Vecchio in Florenow and now this one...2 down, 2 to go.

We also ate lunch on the bridge. It was a cute little pub called The Boater but from a distance it looked like it might be a haberdashery based on the sign. I had a Brie and grape sandwich - amazing - and a pint of the house beer.

More walking and shopping after then back to London for more shopping and walking. We went to Fortnam & Mason - a must stop for tea.

Dinner was at this little Polish restaurant and it was delicious! It was odd because the chefs would bring the pots and pans out to the tables and plate the food right there. Except dessert, that came out ready for us. Ps also delicious.

Today was one of our longest days but very satisfying. The ankle is still swollen and painful but a little less so every day. We are all looking forward to tomorrow. Up next Tower of London, St Dunstons, Borough Market, and St Paul cathedral...and anything else we can squeeze in!

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