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EuroTrip Day Four

I’m going to try to make this one quick because it’s late and we have to catch an early train.

Out and up right on schedule this morning arriving at Westminster Abbey just before it opened. Again the morning sun is helping me take some spectacular photos this trip. No photos allowed inside but I took as many as I could where I could.

The audio tour was narrated by Jeremy Irons and it was really good. It’s beautiful inside. And so many effigies I wish I knew more about. Like the guy with the blue porcupine at his feet. What was that about?

We also went through the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries which is a collection of pieces from throughout the history of the Abbey. Some really cool and fascinating artifacts.

I think it is fair to say we spent more time there than originally anticipated...that’s how much we liked it.

Lunch was at a nearby pub and was very tasty. After, we tried to go to Parliament but between the construction and the Brexit protesters finding the entrance took a while. And once we did, the line was too long and we didn’t have time to wait.

Decision was made to come back to Parliament tonight so we went shopping instead. Darrell wanted to go to Harrod’s so I begrudgingly agreed. (Ok fine. I eagerly agreed). I did pick up a few things in the chocolate shop but I am fairly certain I could not afford most items in that store.

Next it was back to the flat to change for tea time. That was a bit of a walk - I made it, but slowly and a little painfully. We had 30 minutes to get ready.

Tea time was at The Pavillion at Kensington Palace. It was lovely. And delicious. I also upgraded mine with a Pimm’s Cup.

Sidebar: I’ve always wondered how tea time evolved. I can‘t remember the names but back in the day breakfast and dinner were the only meals eaten. One day, one of Queen Victoria’s Ladies-in-waiting got tired of being hungry every day around 4:00 and decided to start having a snack of tea and cake everyday when she was out in the country. She started inviting friends to join her offering more elaborate snacks and when she returned to London kept doing it. Socialites of the day liked it so they started hosting their own teas and that is how the practice of High Tea was born.

We walked through Kensington Gardens afterwards stopping to take a few photos along the way.

Once again, back at the flat. This time for me to stay and elevate my foot. Magan and Darrell went to Parliament (it was high on Darrell’s bucket list) without me (and with my blessing). I spent my time doing research for tomorrow.

Up next: Bath. Birthplace of Tears for Fears. Home of the famous Roman Baths. Sounds like fun!

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