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EuroTrip Day Six

Well. It seems the cold weather is getting to me. I didn’t sleep well last night and I woke up with a really sore throat. I don’t appear to be feverish (at least not yet) but I am definitely not up to par.

We got up and out on time this morning and headed straight to the Tower of London. Made a slight wrong turn and went down by the wharf first which gave us the added advantage of seeing Tower Bridge. It’s 55 degrees and rainy today. It’s a light rain but probably not really doing me any favors. That’s ok. I can be sick at home.

Unfortunately for me, the Tower is not super accessible. Lots of stairs. And while I can navigate them going up, going down stairs is actually pretty painful.

I am currently sitting in the cafe near the White Tower. Had a hot cup of tea and decided to get an early start on my blog for the day. I told Darrell and Magan to go ahead - just because I can’t do something doesn’t mean they should miss out.

Oh we did see the Crown Jewels and went on an abbreviated Beefeater tour (abbreviated due to the weather). And I’m hoping when they are done in the White Tower I can once again join them. At least I’ve been here before.

I’ll pick this back up later and tell you about the rest of our day.

I’m back - did you miss me?

The temperature dropped and the rain kicked it up a notch. We were soaked. And cold.

Did we let that stop us? Hell no.

We walked over to St Dunstan-in-the-East. It’s a church that was bombed in WWII and instead of re-building they planted a garden and allowed it to take over. It’s eerily pretty and I think the weather sort of added to it.

We tried to get an uber to Borough Market but no cars were available. Instead we walked to a restaurant and had lunch. it was a delicious meat party.

The rain finally eased up a little so we headed to St Paul’s Cathedral. Which is lovely on the outside but cost £20 to tour which seemed excessive since we had already toured Westminster Abbey. So we decided to go to Borough Market.

Borough Market was bustling and we bought a lot of tasty treats for dinner. I got a cheese scone, a meat pie, and a scotch egg. I’m saving the scotch egg for breakfast tomorrow But everything else was delicious.

We are back at the flat and just chilling out for the night. It’s cold and wet so it seemed prudent to just warm up and stay in. Also British tv is hilariously perplexing.

BTW I haven‘t said much about the flat we are staying in but the building is kind of famous. It’s the Thin House of Kensington. One end is only 6’ wide! And evidently the building is rather posh as a 600 square foot flat went for £900,000!

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Robert Held
Robert Held
24. 10. 2019

Looks wonderful! And I do love me some scotch eggs!!

I can't wait to see all your pictures (with commentary) when you get home!

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