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EuroTrip Day Three

First things first - the ankle is much better today. It’s still swollen and hideous but there is definitely an improvement. If I wasn’t doing so much walking I would probably not even bother with the crutches anymore. As it is though, I think I’ll walk with one for another day or two.

Our morning started around 8:30 - we took our bags to drop at the train station so we could do a little sightseeing.

Have I mentioned it was cold? I’m pretty sure our morning started in the 30s.

Anyway after a quick breakfast- where I did not get a scotch egg dammit - we headed to Holyroodhouse Palace. This is still an in use royal residence. And it is gorgeous. Plus the audio tour was really well done. I wish I could have taken photos inside but it wasn’t allowed.

Luckily the Abbey ruins had no photography restrictions. The lighting was gorgeous and my photos turned out amazing. I’ll definitely be hanging a couple of those on my wall.

One advantage to using the crutches? they took me to a private lift so I didn’t have to maneuver stairs. I did miss one section because seeing it involved a steep, narrow, spiral staircase and I got separated from Magan and Darrell for a bit but we eventually found each other.

Then back to the station to retrieve our bags, grab some lunch, and board the train. I enjoyed traveling by train. It was comfortable, I had WiFi, and about once an hour they came buy offering snacks (to purchase). Not one of them asked “anything off the trolley dear” though so that was disappointing.

We arrived at Kings Cross around 5:45 pm. Oh my gosh I can’t believe neither Magan nor I considered we would be arriving during rush hour. That was fun being on the underground with luggage when it was so crowded. Only one person stepped on my foot - one person bumped it (honestly the bump hurt more).

Made it to the flat - totally adorable and surprisingly roomy. Settled for a few minutes before heading out for a delicious dinner. We were supposed to have dinner with Afy and Sandira but sadly they were ill and had to cancel (get well soon guys!).

Back at the flat and ready for bed. Tomorrow is a big day - we have Westminster Abbey, Parliament, the National Portrait gallery (if there is time), and tea at Kensington Palace. No big deal.

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