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Pros and Cons

There are benefits to being single that you can forget about when you have been part of a couple for most of your adult life.

Like there is no one to judge you for sleeping until noon on a Saturday (or Sunday). Or for staying in bed another two hours after you wake up just because. Or for staying in your pajamas all day.

The perfect #SundayFunday.

And no one cares if you sit around in your undies and a tank top all day either.

There is no one to make me feel bad if I want popcorn for dinner. Or judging me because I have a sweet tooth on occasion.

I don‘t have to ask anyone’s opinion on how to decorate. Or keep their likes/dislikes in mind when decorating (hello pink accents).

No one to criticize me for spending money while simultaneously buying things he wants/deems important regardless of cost.

I can stay up as late as I want (or don't want) and I’m not bothering anyone.

Everything stays tidy and organized because there is no one around to fuck things up.

I can belch or fart loudly (like the classy lady I am) and freely whenever I need to without fear of judgement!

I control the TV. I can watch anything I want.

Of course there are downsides too.

There is no one to help me zip up my dress. Or put on my necklace.

Or help me out of my wet bathing suit or when I am tangled up in a sports bra.

I have no one to kill spiders for me. Or investigate weird noises.

There‘s no one to cook for. Cooking for one is tough. I waste a lot of food.

There is no one to help clean. Or to help bring in groceries.

No one to send to the store or to pick up dinner.

I worry sometimes about what would happen if I throw my back out again. The boys have a spare key but I keep the door deadbolted when I am home. The key won’t help. And to know me is to know I can be a klutz. The odds of me injuring myself - and being incapacitated- are pretty strong.

There is no one to snuggle up with. Or laugh with. Or cry with.

There is no one to talk to.

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