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The Week in Review

A LOT has happened.

Let's start with last weekend and my road trip with Matt and Elliott. Elliott had wanted to hit the road between 8:00 and 9:00 - and he really wanted it to be closer to 8:00 than 9:00. I did my best but I just couldn't get out of the apartment until 8:20ish so I pulled up to his place at 8:45. And WOKE HIM UP.


Lucky for me I was waiting on guys so I didn't have to wait too long. But then they came down with Jordan - who was NOT coming with us - and we had to take him to his car. No big deal...its a minor delay.

Except right as we are pulling up to the Pub, he realizes he doesn't have his keys. So we go back to Elliott's. Cut to an hour later and he still doesn't have his keys but his Uber is there and we are finally on the road.

Elliott is a recent friend so I had a lot of fun getting to know him on the drive down. We stopped for kolaches in West - but we went to Gerick's instead of the famous Czech Stop. Pulled into Austin around 1:30 and after quickly dropping our things in our rooms, headed out for the longest happy hour ever.

Basically we spent the entire afternoon flitting about from one bar to another, having drinks, eating lunch, meeting up with friends. Just in general a dream Saturday. Everything was within a couple of blocks of our hotel so no driving necessary. Unfortunately we hadn't heard from John the birthday boy or anyone in his entourage all day. We did wonder if we would ever successfully find him.

Don't worry - I paced myself well. Had fun but never got stumbling drunk. We finally decided to head back to our rooms to freshen up for the night. If we weren't going to meet up with John, we were going to karaoke (I told you I was with Matt and Elliott). Once refreshed we caught an Uber to Ego's because that's on South Congress and that was definitely too far to walk. I don't know how to properly describe this place. It's in the parking lot of an apartment complex and is obviously enormously popular. There was no available seating when we first walked in but after about 20 minutes a booth cleared.

Drinks were consumed. Songs were sung. Good times were had.

Just as my friend Amanda was walking up, we were walking out. We finally heard from John! So we all - Amanda (and friend - sorry I forgot her name) included - piled into an Uber and headed to Handlebar on 6th to finish out our night. If you are in Austin you should go here. Great bar. We finally found John - though he had apparently alienated those he went tubing with all day. They stayed for a little while but soon it was just us with John and Mario. And Trisha and her husband stopped by to see me!

Christina was too busy with volleyball to come and see me. ;)

Proof Matt and I found the birthday boy.

Soon it was 2:00 and time to head back to the hotel. Mario and John lost the rest of their group so I invited them to my room to sleep on the other bed. RELAX. I had two beds and they were only invited to sleep. Which Mario did...but John gets really chatty when drunk. So I got much less sleep. But it was a great ending to a really fun day.

Elliott, Matt, and I headed out around noon - ate lunch at Galaxy Cafe. Which was good but they messed up my order. I would have complained but it didn't really hit me until I was half done. I blame exhaustion. Plus it was still delicious.

The drive home took FOR EV ER. I'm so grateful to Elliott for driving. At least he and Matt had gotten some sleep. I could barely keep my eyes open. We stopped in Salado for a drink at the Stagecoach Inn and walked around for a little while. None of us really wanted the weekend to end. Then back on the road for the WORST TRAFFIC. UGH. Stopped at Buckee's which was so crowded there were lines for both the men's and women's bathrooms. That NEVER happens. Finally pulled up to the Pub around 7:00. I stayed long enough to say hi to some friends and hear Matt sing...'cause karaoke on the patio. Then I Ubered over to Elliott's and drove home. And I was asleep by 9:00.

And THAT was my weekend. Whew. I'm tired all over again thinking about it all.

And I would do it all again tomorrow.

Monday night I went out with Rob again. We went to Kona Grill for sushi - yum - and then back to my place to watch Overlord (which for the record is a terrible title for the movie).

Guys. I have a problem.

I like him. I'm supposed to be looking for good times, no attachment, no commitment right now. But...

He's really nice. And smart. He's well read so we can talk about books. And he's into movies. And music. And Harry Potter. He's patient. And attractive. And a gentleman. He thinks I'm pretty which is nice to hear. And he thinks I'm sexy which is shocking to hear. He says ALL THE RIGHT THINGS AT EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME. And seems completely sincere about it all.

We click. We click in a way I hadn't really expected to happen ever again but most definitely not this soon. And I'm not ready for this.

I keep asking for his flaws. So far, I've only come up with my shallow ones...his beard and he's a little shorter than I would normally like. I've gotten over the height but the beard is still a problem. It looks good on him but I have my issues. I'm working on it. I can't ask him to shave it. What if he just looks better with a beard?

I'm still out there on Hinge and but I have to tell you no one has piqued my interest lately. There was one that was close but he essentially told me he was looking for a mom for his young kids. I told him I'm not looking to start over and good luck.

Also if I am going to be in a relationship I want to make sure it is for the right reason. Not just by default because no one else is interested. Or just because I'm lonely. I have to make sure I like him for the right reasons.

Did I mention he likes dressing up for themed parties too?

Also I'm sleeping better. Because I'm finally not SAD all the time. I'm happy again. I feel like me again.

Anyway. I have issues and I'm trying to figure things out. Meanwhile he just takes it all in and says I am worth waiting for. See? Right thing, right time.

Tuesday night I met up with Peggilee at the Pub. It was so good to see her again! We talked about everything going on with me. We talked about everything that's been going on with her. She met many of my friends. It was a great night. I wish we had more time.

Wednesday I saw Rob again. This time it was Newks and Isn't it Romantic (cute movie!). And yep. Still like him.

Xander also temporarily moved in with me on Wednesday. Cramping my style a little. LOL. He had to stay out late Wednesday night.

Quiet evening at home with Xander last night - we watched Long Shot. Which was really good.

And here we are. Friday again. I'll be heading over to Magan's soon for Classic Movie Night. BTW last week we watched The Old Maid with Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins. Tonight is Jimmy Stewart so we are watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It's weird that I've never seen it but I am looking forward to it.

My weekend plans currently consist of being poolside with a Pimm's Cup if anyone wants to join me. I'll be happy to make a pitcher.

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