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EuroTrip Day Eight

Well today hasn’t gone exactly as planned.

We started a little off schedule because Steve aka Jana overslept so we decided to head straight for the Hard Rock Cafe. Did you know the very first one opened in London in 1971? I didn’t.

We arrived just after they opened which was perfect because it got busy pretty quickly. After we went to the gift shop and the girls toured the vault (I wasn’t feeling up to doing stairs).

In fact, I wasn’t feeling up to much. I think my ankle has had it. I’m fine sitting down but even standing still was so painful I felt faint. So I sent the girls to the London Dungeon and I went back to the house to prop my foot up and rest.

Oh yeah! We finally saw Buckingham Palace! Our uber driver took us by on the way to the Hard Rock this morning. I saw it briefly during my first trip to London but that was at night. Now I’ve seen it in the daytime.

We all stayed in the rest of the day. It was cold and rainy and with my ankle we all agreed to take it easy. Hanging out with my girls, eating, laughing, watching was a perfect evening.

Tomorrow we plan to get up and head to Trafalgar Square. Do a little shopping. Take a river cruise. Jana has to head to the airport for her flight by 5:00 so we will make the most out of the day that we can.

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