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In a Minute...

Quick update on a few things.

We did decide to have a Halloween party and we were really looking forward to it. Our friends Misty and Ron were even coming up from Austin (and it is really difficult getting Misty to come for a visit - love you Misty! ;)

But Rob went to the Peter Gabriel concert with his brother Mike the Thursday before the party...and Mike called the next day and told him he tested positive for #Covid.

For the record, although Mike did get sick, he is fine now and feeling much better. And neither Rob nor I got sick.

Luckily he told us early enough in the day that I was able to prevent Misty and Ron from coming up, and we made the decision to cancel the party. We just couldn't take the risk of having a super spreader event.

I can't lie to you. I was very disappointed. I didn't regret our decision to cancel, I knew it was the right thing to do, but I had been so looking forward to it. I also did not blame Mike though let this please be a cautionary tale to everyone - if you think you just have a small cold, go ahead and take a test. Better safe than sorry.

And I do confess to feeling a little sorry for myself. OBVIOUSLY, I was concerned about Mike and we checked on him daily. But I had really been looking forward to this.

You know I love a party. And based on the RSVPs, were were expecting quite the crowd. Assuming everyone was really coming, I think we had about 25 people? Chase was going to read Tarot cards for people. And yes, I was looking forward to showing off our decor.

Sue me.

As you know, I am highly arachnophobic. Spiders terrify me. I can't even watch them on screen. But every year we decorate the outside (and to no small degree the inside) with spiders, including our giant spider Boris that Rob and I built back in 2020.

And every year, my friends are surprised that I decorate for Halloween with spiders - but it's the scariest thing I can think of! But even I wonder why I'm not bothered by the decor and I have come to the conclusion it is because they don't move.

If they moved, I would be paralyzed.

You may also remember my wedding dress debacle. If you need a refresher, you can read about it here, here, and here. In a nutshell, I have a spare wedding dress.

I've tried selling it. I actually paid for a listing on a second hand wedding dress site. I even listed it on Facebook Marketplace. I lowered the price all the way down to $499 - mind you this is a never worn, with tags designer dress that was $1300. Not even a nibble.

Eventually I decided that if it hadn't sold by Halloween, I would use it for costuming. So you should expect to see it in some way for the next several years - as long as it fits.

And since we are so obviously the Spider House, I thought let's start with the Spider King and Queen. And I think we did alright.

With our pet Boris #spiderhouse

I added a black shirt under the dress I found on Amazon that I thought added the perfect Goth flair and I did purchase a few inexpensive accoutrements to finish it up. I already had the wig.

For Rob, I purchased the coat - which you will also see repurposed in the future. And I redid his Prom King crown by adding some Rub N Buff to darken it, glued spiders over the "gems" and added some cobwebs. He seems pleased.

So as you can see we did dress up to hand out candy. Unfortunately we didn't have many trick or treaters, even though we have a lot of young families on our street and there is an elementary school just around the corner. I'd say that in the 2 hours we were outside, we had maybe 30?

Though our first big group did ask to take a picture with us and then also took pics in front of Boris so that did make it all worthwhile.

How was your Halloween?

So unless you are new here, you know this year has been a kick in the pants for me personally. I have been unemployed 7 months now with no signs of ending anytime soon. I comb through hundreds of jobs a week, and apply for anything I am remotely qualified for (#applylikeaman). I'm applying for remote and in person jobs. I apply for anything that is at least $20 an hour, anything less than that and I am better off with unemployment.

Let that sink in for a minute. We are barely making ends meet but my unemployment is better than a lot of the jobs out there.

I've updated my resume with the help of AI and I *think* it is pretty good. I added my photo because I guess that's what we do now but that also feels like grounds for discrimination (anyone else think that?). I write a great cover letter whenever I'm allowed - not all applications offer an opportunity to add a cover letter.

What I think is my main issue is my lack of degree. Of course this is just speculation because even when I do get a rejection letter it doesn't specify why. And I'm not applying for jobs that legitimately require a degree - I'm not trying to be a lawyer, engineer, or nurse (though heads up, those seem to be careers with plenty of opportunities - if you don't mind making $20 an hour).

But why do I need a 4 year degree to be an #administrativeassistant? Or a #loanprocessor for that matter? How am I not getting a call for jobs that I have 10+ years experience in? I'm forced to conclude it is the degree.

Either that or the purple hair. And while I suppose I can see that for some jobs, I don't think it is applicable for remote jobs. Who cares what color my hair is?

Do I go back to my natural color and see if that helps? That's easier than going back to school to get a degree. And the thought seriously depresses me.

Anyway, I'm about to say 2 things I don't think I have EVER said before.

First, I am ready for cold weather. For maybe the first time ever, I actually have sweaters and long sleeve shirts and jeans that fit. I'm ready for this colder weather. I'm ready for soup weather.

Second, I'm skipping second fall/Thanksgiving decor this year. I want Christmas.

I've always been pretty militant about the holidays this time of year. Each one has it's time. September 1st brings out the fall decor, October 1st is all things Halloween, and November first is back to Fall. No holiday music or movies before Thanksgiving. And definitely no Christmas decor (once or twice I may have decorated the weekend before Thanksgiving if it was a late one or we were hosting Thanksgiving for the extended family).

As silly as it sounds, this was actually a difficult decision for me. I love Thanksgiving. But I just need the sparkle and glitter and lights of Christmas. I need #christmascheer. Hopefully it will help me out of this funk.

So please don't judge me if you see me out and about this year wearing a Christmas shirt. Or earrings. Or my Christmas phone case. And just know if you come over you may hear Christmas music or be subjected to #hallmarkchristmas movies.

On the plus side, that also means #cookieseason is here too.

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